Reecomps: Expert in offering Mobility & Enterprise Network Managed Services

Vivek Chaturvedi,DirectorThis May, when Odisha was hit badly by cyclone FANI, the telecom industry was paralyzed as telecom network suffered major infrastructure damage (23 towers collapsed and nearly 900+ enterprise customers were disconnected). Major cities encountered electricity blackout scenario. In such dismay, Reecomps supported the disaster management recovery by deploying additional teams with program management of the disaster recovery. "Our team worked in highly difficult environment and restored the network within just 15 days. We restored all 900+ enterprise customer links within 10 days by proper planning and re-routing the IP link feasibility," explains Vivek Chaturvedi, Director, Reecomps.

Leveraging its two decades of telecom industry experience and a talented & dedicated team of experts, Reecomps keeps doing such wonders. The team believes in contributing to-wards the country's economic growth by facilitating the Telecom Network, which is the backbone to the `Digital India' movement. Hence, it has expanded the horizons within India both in terms of geography and technology services. Vivek attributes this growth to the resources and their ability to adapt to the changing technology scenario. Thanks to them, Reecomps today is the preferred service provider to Telco and OEM in the Indian industry for Mobility and Enterprise Network Managed Services.
This OSHAS 18001 certified company acts as a single window for various service practices. Be it Net-work Managed Services both in Mobility and Fixed Wireless IP Network segments, Network deployment, or Network Planning & Optimization, Reecomps offers end-to-end model with capability of providing telecom NOC (Network Operating Center) to the telecom operators and OEMs. Reecomps recently associated with a major OEM for Network Consolidation as well. To ensure the quality remains world-class, every deployment/execution is verified on quality parameters set in the contract by the customers. To do so, Reecomps has a dedicated resource who checks the workman-ship and the quality of the works at the field level. These field engineers undergo OEM specific technology trainings and are certified to handle the technology and their equipment.

Reecomps understands mobility segment and the fixed wireless Enterprise IP Network like the back of its hand

Team ­ The Champion
Reecomps understands mobility segment and the fixed wireless Enterprise IP Network like the back of its hand. Hence, its resources' cross-functionality in handling the technology growth and the smoothness in handling the networks in both the segments of Fixed Wireless IP Networks and the Mobility Networks is equally appreciable. "Our team functions as a Network Managed Services Provider to go that extra mile in our endeavour to service the live Telecom Network in a contract bound by specific KPI and SLA, which enables the Telco to maintain the network availability to the customers. While Telco's focus is primarily B2C segment of giving network coverage and capacity, Reecomps is at the background in making sure that the network is maintained and available to these customers," explains Vivek.

Such level of dedication can only be ingrained through values, and Reecomps starts it quite early. The company invests heavily in training and upgrading its resources' skill sets to handle live network, apart from investing in few extra resources for any major network upgrade or surge in operations of the network. This also helps Reecomps to efficiently address the challenge of delivering a good quality service within a stipulated budget and sustained efficiency in its deliverables. Such initiatives are the push behind Reecomps' annual growth of 15 percent CAGR. The company aims to accomplish Rs.50 crore revenue and add more Annuity Managed services contract this FY.