Recruitment Mantra: A Commitment towards Revolutionizing the Recruitment Landscape

Arghya Sarkar ,FounderThe field of recruitment brings both opportunities and challenges. Speaking of a predominant challenge faced by many recruitment agencies is sourcing candidates from a limited pool of job portals. This traditional approach involves reaching out to potential candidates and inquiring about their job-seeking status which is a completely cumbersome process. This is where Recruitment Mantra stands out in the industry as a dynamic Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) firm based in Kolkata, wherein, its core mission is to extend the services right from executive- level placements to entry-level positions, all without any cost to the candidates while offering utmost value to its corporate clients.

Ensuring Ethical & Transparent Service Deliverability
“Established in 2021, we firmly believe that as recruitment consultants, we serve as a vital link between employers and job seekers. Unlike many other recruitment agencies in the market, we meticulously showcase our client companies and their respective job openings on our website, currently featuring over 1000 live opportunities. This transparency stems from our RPO approach, wherein we assume a more comprehensive role in the recruitment process", says Arghya Sarkar, Founder at Recruitment Mantra.

“Traditional recruitment agencies primarily focus on swiftly filling job openings, driven by the incentive of commissions based on the candidate's annual compensation. In contrast, we engage with clients on a long-term basis, providing them with dedicated recruitment teams tailored to their specific needs. This commitment is supported by a retainer fee structure, eliminating the need for hefty commission fees", he adds.
Furthermore, Recruitment Mantra uniquely reveals client names due to its exclusive partnerships, handling endto- end recruitment for its corporate clients. This guarantees a smooth experience for both parties. The company fully owns and is responsible for the quality of hires, backed by transparent annual contracts and monthly fees. Unlike traditional agencies, which charge per successful hire, Recruitment Mantra fixed retainer fee model proves to be a more economical choice for clients with regular hiring needs.

“In addition, our comprehensive suite of services goes beyond merely filling job vacancies. We manage the entire recruitment process, from sourcing candidates to onboarding, providing clients with a holistic solution for their hiring needs”, highlights Arghya.

Recruitment Mantra aims for cost-effective, client-specific RPO services, wherein it values efficiency, swiftly filling positions with the right talent while significantly reducing time-to-hire

Rather than actively pursuing candidates, the company operates on a distinct paradigm. Our corporate clients approach us with their manpower needs, reversing the conventional dynamic. On the other hand, for job seekers, the company receives an influx of over 5000 tailored applications through its dedicated portal. The portal – – showcases comprehensive details about job openings, including company names, eligibility criteria, and salary brackets.

“A critical aspect of our strategy is our emphasis on social media for recruitment. Our commitment to organic marketing means we do not invest in paid advertising. This approach has proven highly effective in connecting qualified candidates with suitable job openings”, explains Arghya.

The result is a high likelihood of alignment between a candidate's profile and job requirements, as these applicants are genuinely eager for suitable opportunities. This increases onboarding success. This differs from industry norms, where consultants face challenges with candidates not following through on interviews.

“We believe in creating robust client relationships. We prioritize open communication and addressing our clients' critical concerns to exceed expectations. One challenge our clients face is candidate replacements. Many agencies provide initial placements but struggle with replacements within 90 to 180 days. Recruitment Mantra excels in promptly addressing replacements without burdening clients", concludes Arghya. Going forward, the company would be integrating AI technology to completely automate the recruitment process so as to minimize human interaction and drive operational excellence.