Recfly Recyclers: Saving Environment from Pollution caused by E-Waste

Sardar Ali,Executive Director

Sardar Ali

Executive Director

The market's expansion has been propelled by consumers' increasing use of electronics, including computers, televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, and other contemporary electrical equipment. At a CAGR of 6.71 percent, the market for electronic waste management is anticipated to reach more than USD1782.50 billion by 2030. One of the fastest growing waste streams is found in still-developing but rising regions. Electrical, electronic, and consumer electronics products have shorter lives, resulting in massive amounts of E-Waste rapidly increasing each year.

Established in 2021, Recfly Recyclers was started with an initiative to remove the complexity out of the process of electronic assets management recycling. Recfly Recyclers’ goal is to offer a straightforward, transparent, accessible, and sustainable approach for clients to recycle and manage their electronic waste and assets. "All forms of media, communications, electrical, and electronic devices are collected by us.

Ourmission is to become a market leader in the e-waste sectorby bringing thenew Technology, Plant & Machinery on board that is currently not prevailing in due course of regularity inmost of Indian Territories for recycling and dismantling e-waste, we are introducing new technology to Plastic Waste as well to accomplish this goal to fulfil Greener Environmental Responsibility. This is in contrast to conventional methods for recycling being used so far", explained Sardar Ali, Executive Director, Recfly Recyclers.
Various Services to Protect Environment from Different Waste
Most e-waste is generated in the informal sector of developing nations like India, where it is recycled without regard for human health or the environment. As aresponsible Recycler, we, at Recfly Recyclers do our part to protect the environment and contribute to environmental responsibility. The organization has been actively working toward this while adhering to all relevant rules relating to E-Waste Management. "Through our extensive mechanism, we receive E-Waste pickup requests from our end customers.

Recfly Recyclers, an Authorized Recycler, then collects the E-Waste and takes it to our collection centre. The consumer is not charged anything for donating their products for recycling, and the Recycling Program offers no financial incentives. The sole objective is to protect and preserve the environment", stated Sardar.

“The unique flow sheet used by Recfly Recyclers, extensive collection mechanism, and assaying experience and strict ethical standards ensure that the materials belonging to our clients are adequately valued. Additionally, the company provides a variety of services to fulfil Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) duties under the 2016 E-Waste (Management) Rules to producers (including Importers) and manufacturersof electronics and electrical equipment (EEE).

Top EPR experts in the nation are accessible through the end-to-end vision of Recfly Recyclers. We have developedan extensive channel network that includes consumers, large consumers, garbage collectors, and aggregators, among other stakeholders from all points along the value chain”, said Sardar.

The Fittest sur Recfly Recyclers do their part to protect the environment and contribute to Environmental responsibility vive- the evolved- thrive

"Our EPR programs through these channels promote the development of a legal e-waste business in India while generating chances for long-term employment. Our programs also give people the tools they need to adopt recycling as a way of life. Our specialty is developing an integrated strategy to satisfy EPR requirements and create a strong, effective plan that not only satisfies but also exceeds compliance standards", added Sardar.

Recfly Recyclers' mission is to turn the challenge of e-waste into a formalized, environmentally conscientious sector that offers fair value to all participants in the value chain. Our PAN India presence helps in meeting all the clients' awareness and collecting demands, said Sardar