Ravishing Retreat: Adding a Balinese Touch to Diverse Corporate Events

 Sudarshan Purohit, Co-Founder & CEO,   Nishanth B R, Co-Founder & COO

Sudarshan Purohit, Co-Founder & CEO

Nishanth B R, Co-Founder & COO

'Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships'. This quote by the famous basketball legend Michael Jordan perfectly signifies the importance of teamwork, especially in today’s dynamic business context. Of late, organizations are focusing on strengthening employee relationships and collaboration through various team building activities. However, since most of these activities require large spaces, companies today rely on resorts as an ideal place for not only conducting such activities, but also get their employees rejuvenated from the daily work pressures. Thus, one can witness a flurry of resorts coming-up lately offering a wide variety of unique options for the corporates to conduct their team building activities.

Ravishing Retreat is one resort that has now earned a reputation of being among the hot favorites for the corporates in Bangalore to detach themselves for the regular work routines and rejuvenate their mind, body and soul. Started by Sudarshan Purohit along with Nishanth B R in 2022, the resort is located in close proximity to Bangalore in Bidadi. Today, Ravishing Retreat is known for the wide variety of options if offers to the customers – be it in terms of stay options, activities, cuisines or packages.

Delighting Guests in Every Possible Manner

As the only hill view resort around Bangalore, the entire design and landscaping of
Ravishing Retreat is Balinese themed and has over 500 mango trees across the property. The resort comprises of 44 rooms and seven swimming pools, of which six are private pools and one is a common infinity pool. Also, Ravishing Retreat has a fully equipped bar setup and a European styled restaurant that serves a plethora of delectable cuisines for the guests. Additionally, the resort also boasts of offering over 30 different kinds of activities that include cricket, volleyball, football, archery, rocket ejector, zipline, zip cycling, 360-degree cycle, horse riding, and paintball, to name a few.

“Along with the 44 different categories of rooms that we have, we also offer camping options to our customers. But unlike other resorts which offer regular tents to their guests, we have a very good setup of European tents that are arranged in clusters, with each cluster having a private pool. Guests can also engage in numerous indoor activities such TT, carom, billiards and chess. Much to the delight of adventure seekers, our superman zipline is 800 meter long and the lengthiest in the entire vicinity of Bangalore”, explains Sudarshan Purohit, Co-Founder and CEO.

Ravishing Retreat is among only a handful of resorts around Bangalore that are able to accommodate over 150 guests overnight

Go-to Choice for Corporate Events & Activities

Boasting of a highly skilled team of professionals, Ravishing Retreat is among only a handful of resorts around Bangalore that are able to accommodate over 150 guests overnight. Additionally, the resort is also fully equipped with Wi-Fi, backup generators and CCTVs, and houses a large banquet hall with complete conference room setup. Adding on, the resort also provides DJ and barbeque facilities for corporates, and even gives them the flexibility to customize the menu as per their require-ments. Furthermore, the resort is segregated into two separate areas – one comprising of rooms for overnight guests & corporates and the other for day out package customers.

“We currently host around 5000 guests and 40 corporate events each month. We have also tied-up with over 800 companies such First American Indian, Cisco, Flipkart and Amazon for their events. What sets us a notch higher than other resorts is that we provide a dedicated specialist for corporates to handle all their team building and other activities. Going forward, we are planning to add more activities, increase the number of rooms and also expand our day out area”, concludes Nishanth B R, CoFounder and COO.