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MukeshSharma& KetkiSharma,Founder Directors

MukeshSharma& KetkiSharma

Founder Directors

In recent years, e-Commerce and retail have been two dominant industries in terms of market growth in India. Although both the industries are integrating latest technologies into their operations and offering hassle free services to their customers, on time, secure deliveries is a niche area where both e-Commerce & retail businesses heavily rely on third-party logistics companies. As a result, the logistics industry is witnessing a dynamic growth. Recent report from RedSeer predicted that India's road logistics market alone is expected to grow at a CAGR of eight percent to reach $330 billion by 2025.

Additionally, expansion plans by e-Commerce & retail businesses, both Pan India and abroad, has made it imperative for companies to streamline their supply chain management efforts to efficiently manage demand supply requirements . This is where Mumbai based Rati Logistics steps in. Rati Logistics Pvt Ltd is the Regional Service Participant (RSP of Blue Dart Express & DHL handling Raigad & Ratnagiri regions and engaged in Pan India pickup and delivery.

"As the RSP of Blue Dart Express Ltd & DHL, we are responsible for the total courier and logistics operations, which include pickup, delivery, and handling the total business of the region under the Brand of Blue Dart Express Ltd & DHL," says Mukesh Sharma, Founder Director, Rati Logistics.

With over two decades of experience in the logistics industry, Rati has conceptualized the 'One Window Express Solution Under One Roof'concept, wherein it caters an array of
courier & logistics services that are designed to meet business partners requirements. This includes 3PL services such as Warehousing Inventory Management, Value added services includes quality inspection, kitting and packaging last mile distribution.

"Businesses outsource their partial/entire logistics processes to third-party vendors to achieve operational efficiency in their supply chain and focus on core business aspects. As a 3PL company, we take-over their supply chain functions & enhance quality aspects, in many cases than what the companies could do on their own," explains Mukesh.

End-to-End Warehouse Operations Management
Rati has a dedicated warehouse operation team, an industry professional with expertise in handling end to end operations for their clients, and a warehouse manager who is proficient in all warehousing functions. Other services provided by the company include Procurement, Inventory Management LastMile Distribution dedicated transportation, express hub and spoke model, reverse logistics, freight audit and consultation

Our Sales & Marketing Team engages closely with customers having continuous demand for warehousing solutions, transportation services and 3PL services.

India is a growing market for e-Commerce - B2C and B2B business.. What sets us apart is that we have a dedicated team that not only ensures ontime pickup & delivery, but also gives solutions for any issues or challenges faced while the material is in transit," says Ketki Sharma, Founder Director, Rati Logistics.

Rati also has advanced optimization solutions to support FTL transport in multiple ways by leveraging technology to track last mile deliveries, stacking and loading optimization. It provides warehouse solutions to fulfill diverse storage demands of its customers, which include conventional warehouses to handle all type of materials, DG goods with cold storage & refrigeration, and many more.

Technology at its Core
Keeping customer satisfaction as paramount, Rati, through its partner Blue Dart Express has all the latest technologies through which it has 100 percent control & visibility of every package. "COSMOS (Customers, Operations and Service Master On-Line System) is an online computer tracking system comprising a sophisticated computer network beginning with the `Supertracker', a hand-held computer used to scan bar coded airway bill stickers on each package. This information is transmitted on a real time basis to our mainframe in Memphis, TN from the computer located in each courier vehicle and is accessible to our customers, giving them realtime information of their packages. Proof-of-delivery information is often available within minutes of actual delivery!" concludes Mukesh.