Rasa Communication: Adapting Technology To Offer Cutting-Edge Business Solutions

Usama Shaharyar,   Co-Founder & General Manager

Usama Shaharyar

Co-Founder & General Manager

The business landscape needs technology like never before. Getting a business in sync with emerging trends is no longer something they can put off from doing - it boosts productivity in a remarkable way and has a very serious bearing on the bottom line. Technology is no longer a component that can be put in the backburner as it is continually etching the future in brand new ways necessitating companies to pay attention and adopt accordingly. However, technology has many facets and procuring services from several separate vendors may not always be a seamless process. In this context, there are companies who provide a wide gamut of IT services that streamlines flows and makes technology adoption much faster and smoother.

Nestled in this space is Riyadh based Rasa Communication, a one-stop solution provider offering a wide range of solutions, products, services and consultancy in Telecom, IT, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Electronic Systems and Learning Services. RASA also offers consulting services such as market intelligence, consultation, and audit for ICT, Construction, Transportation, Energy, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Education, Large Enterprises and SMEs. According to Usama Shaharyar, Co-Founder and General Manager, “Every business is dependent on technology in many big and small ways. We understand the growing and ever-changing landscape of technology and help our clients achieve technological savviness so that their businesses perform better and see discernable results”.

Technology-Driven Solutions That Leave A Mark
Rasa Communication is powered by a well-versed and efficient team that can handle a variety of services in a seamless fashion. Under the umbrella of their services, they provide Consultation in Market Intelligence with Market research and Feasibility study; they also provide Strategic Planning, Leadership, Merger and Acquisition, Change Management, Operational Improvement, Organizational Development, Marketing and Financial Management; additionally, they also assist with Audit services. Under Deployment, they provide Telecom services which includes Fixed Access Networks (FTTX, MSAN, DSLAM, VDSL), Wireless Networks (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G), Transmission (SDH, DWDM, MW, MPLS), Core Networks (CS, PS, NGN, IMS, EPC) and Value Added Services.

In IT, there are AI, Cyber Security, IOT, Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Contact Center, IPTV, software services, Data centre facilities, professional services and ERP. Under Electrical, they offer deployment services for Generators, Transformers, Sub stations, Switch Gears, Solar Energy, DD UPS, UPS, Panels, Motors, Wiring Devices, Lighting, Earthing, Battery Chargers, Batteries, Inverters, Rectifiers and Accessories and in Electronic Systems, Deployment services cover Access Control Systems, Intrusion Detection, CCTV, Fire Alarm, Audio-Visual, Clock, Nurse Calling, Public Address, PBX, MATV, SATV, BMS, Parking Solution and Digital Signage. RASA also carries out Maintenance services covering conventional operation & maintenance tasks in addition to the latest trend of managed services. Activities are performed 24x7 by a dedicated professional team. Routine maintenance is
carried out on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual basis. Proactive preventive maintenance and health checks are performed on planned schedules. These apart, they have Learning Services and Consultancy.

Attending To Client Needs With A Rich Understanding
Usama Shaharyar further adds, “We understand the need of the many technological verticals which is why we have built our company in a way that can help businesses with many of the very important technological implementations. We want to continue being the one stop provider so that our clients can have the synergy of working with one vendor that can undertake multiple jobs”.

We understand the growing and ever changing Landscape of technology and help our clients achieve technological savviness so that their businesses perform better and see discernable results

Usama Shaharyar is a strong believer of a philosophy of Abdul Kalam Azad- ‘One living for himself is like a living-dead unless you serve or live for others’. This has passionately moved him to serve society through his various business offerings. After all, work is worship. Leading the technology industry for 20+ years in multiple domains has helped him serve people and has driven him to success. His career began in Marctel Technologies as a Project Leader and after that, he went on to work with Huawei Technologies as a Business Development Manager. He quickly scaled in the organization and has been the recipient of numerous awards and accolades which are a proof of his commitment to a high quality of work. Usama is a natural leader and has delved deep into a variety of services including strategic management, business management & expansion, sales & marketing, operation management, project management, technology management, organizational leadership, and organizational development. His experience in working in multinational organizations has enabled him to pursue a line of work that demands perfection and he delivers it each time. He has also been trained in management and technology across the globe in the US, UK, China, Jordan, Singapore, UAE, KSA and India. Work apart, he is also a philanthropist who has led and managed an educational and charitable institution for 22 years. In his words, “We want to create an environment where the suppliers and the customers can be in a win-win situation.

We are open to learning from our customers, competitors and individuals as we believe in sharing knowledge and creating a community of professionals that serves humanity. We are proactive, passionate, and dedicated to serving our customers with exceptional quality of service. We believe in the growth of our employees, clients, and partners, thereby achieving our vision of serving society.” He has also successfully worked in R&D in the Defence Research and Development Laboratory in Hyderabad and also in all departments in Huawei. Working successfully in these departments had given him the satisfaction to keep pursuing the path of honest and committed work. His personal goals are to push and achieve new milestones everyday by enhancing his skills. According to him, dreams become a reality when someone works hard enough for it.

It is this very mindset that helped them overcome the difficult pandemic situation. During the lockdown, their head office staff operated from home, and the project staff were working with the clients adhering to all the necessary precautions and regulations. However, the downside was that their revenues slowed down, and new upcoming projects were put on hold. At that time, the Rasa team continued to work on small projects to keep moving, and remained positive despite the challenges. In fact, it was this turbulent time that made Rasa even more vigorous about their work and motivated them to sail through because they had the conviction that they would see this situation through. In fact, it was the very pandemic that reinforced the importance of technological advancements across all sectors and has forever changed the market behavior since its occurence. It led to all the companies focusing on efficiency, operations, new markets, and a whole new way of working. The technological evolution like AI, ML, VR, AR, Robotics, Cyber Security, Data Science, and Cloud leveraging which opened doors for them to serve clients with innovative solutions.

Rasa also puts a lot of emphasis on their team. They are constantly on the lookout for motivated and driven individuals who can take the company forward while also bringing new ideas to the table. A good team is integral to the success of the company and Rasa believes in that deeply. Their team of experts are continually innovating to raise the bar and find newer ways of serving clients holistically.

Rasa Communication aspires to continue their good work and be the service provider of choice for even more clients. They are fueled by dedication and innovation and will continue to do so. For them, the future is limitless and it is only the beginning.