Ranihati Construction: A One-Stop Facade Solutions Provider

Sekh Arif Hossain, Managing Director

Sekh Arif Hossain

Managing Director

With the growing industrialization and urbanization over the last two decades, there’s been a noticeable rise in the construction & architecture realm in the country. This growth has subsequently created demand for the facade engineering and design services too in the Indian market. Formidably, as customers realize that a well-designed building facade enhances aesthetic appeal, reduces energy consumption, maximizes natural light, and optimizes airflow, the facade engineering and design services market providers are just banking on it. Here, Ranihati Construction (RCPL), an upcoming leader in the industry, is nevertheless behind. The company is exemplarily playing its part, committedly providing the most effective facade works to its clients, emphasizing on functionality and visuals.

With almost six years under its belt, this Howrah, West Bengal based company aims to offer comprehensive turnkey facade solutions to its clients at a competitive & sustainable price. It specializes in sourcing and designing of customized facades based on the specific needs of its clients. “Over the period, we have mostly covered government projects working as a sub-vendor. Also, it is our quality, teamwork, integrity, transparency, and accountability we hold for our projects
that keeps bringing us unique and challenging projects. We strive to deliver the most compelling aesthetics possible while delivering each of the client’s projects”, says Sekh Arif Hossain, Managing Director.

The partners and staff at the company are the experts in the construction process, and it is their rich experience that separates the company from the competition, respective to project executions. “We have presence across several Indian states such as MH, TM, DL, BR, JR, UP, and MP. Our company is backed by the full resources team of home office staff and a deep networking infrastructure. We believe that we have been entrusted with the responsibility to make the building architectures look impressive, and thus through RCPL, we ensure to offer services that well accommodate all the needs of our clients through a streamlined process”, shares Arif.

RCPL strives to deliver the most compelling aesthetics possible while delivering each of the client’s projects

The Emphasis on Design & Value Engineering

The engineers and designers of RCPL are exemplary providers of ACP Cladding, Canopy, Wall Panelling, False Ceiling, Under Deck Insulation, and Noise Barrier for fine construction of 3D structural models with complex designs and detailing levels. The versatility of RCPL in the 3D model process helps the highly experienced Facade engineers and professionals in effective designing and detailing of building systems. Also, the company has all the required expertise and knowledge in Facade & Fenestration detailing service with the most updated software and associated tools. “Our domain expertise helps us in providing complete, exclusive, customized design solutions for all stakeholders within structural engineering”, says Sekh Arif Hossain, Managing Director.

Observing gradual growth since the inception, RCPL is ready to make its mark further in the industry. Hence, passionate about innovative facades which is environment friendly and helps in temperature control inside spaces, it aspires to bring in technologies like gold glass, and more to serve the clients better and level-up its industry game. It envisions growth and success while embracing integrity, ethical practices, respect, responsibility, and trust.