Rake Semiconductors: Enabling Technological Advancement through Reliable Electronic Component Distribution

 Keshav Maheshwari,   DirectorElectronic component distributors are crucial for the seamless flow of electronic products, connecting suppliers and buyers in the fast-paced tech landscape. They offer diverse components and services to meet the rising demand for electronic devices. India's semiconductor market is projected to grow at a 24.3 percent CAGR from 2023-2029. Recent trends in the semiconductor industry include transistor miniaturization, specialized chips, IoT impact, packaging advancements, and sustainability emphasis. These trends foster growth and innovation. However, challenges persist, such as supply chain disruptions, shrinking technology nodes, rising development costs, and intellectual property protection. Factors like the pandemic and geopolitical tensions lead to shortages and delays. To tackle and reduce these challenges, Rake Semiconductors has become a leading distributor of electronic components. Established in 2017 in Hong Kong with ISO 9001 certifications, the company boasts a management team with diverse expertise and a practical blend of longterm experience and skills to mitigate existing market challenges.

Rake Semiconductors, as a distributor, recognizes the importance of sourcing quality products and conducting thorough quality checks. The company takes pride in delivering original, brand-new components to ensure customer satisfaction. “At our firm, we offer a wide range of electronic
components, with a special focus on MCUs from renowned manufacturers such as NXP, STM, and Renesas. Additionally, we deal in MOSFETs, MLCCs, tantalum capacitors, inductors, and crystals, catering to various needs in the electronics industry”, speaks Keshav Maheshwari, Director. Rake Semiconductors ensures competitive prices by leveraging its supplier network. It aims to deliver cost-effective solutions without compromising quality, meeting client expectations, even in a market with similar products.

Thriving Amidst Turbulence
Since its inception, Rake Semiconductors has faced various challenges in the global market. The US and China trade war, geopolitical tensions like the Russia and Ukraine conflict and the unexpected impact of the pandemic have posed numerous obstacles. However, the company has managed to expand its presence in multiple markets. With a strong foothold in the US, Rake Semiconductors has also established a significant presence in Asia, operating in Singapore and China. Additionally, the company has experienced substantial growth in India, further strengthening its global reach. Rake Semiconductors' ability to overcome adversity and venture into new markets demonstrates its resilience.

The firm is led by two directors, Rajiv Maheshwari and Keshav Maheshwari, who collectively possess over 30 years of experience in the industry. Rajiv Maheshwari, with an engineering background (IIT, Delhi), brings a wealth of knowledge from his tenure of over 25years at ESAREM Technologies, an Indian company he successfully co-managed. Following this, he partnered with Keshav Maheshwari, with a finance degree (NUS, Singapore) as well as a management degree (SMU, Singapore), to establish Rake Semiconductors in 2017, choosing Hong Kong as the company's headquarters to tap into diverse markets. The directors' extensive experience is invaluable as they possess a deep understanding of how to navigate different business practices and customs in various countries.

Towards New Horizons
“During our recent director's meeting, we deliberated on the plans of our firm, focusing on business growth and customer acquisition. It was unanimously agreed that we should strive to expand our customer base by targeting new markets in different countries”, says Keshav Maheshwari. Rake Semiconductors aims to strengthen its presence in multiple markets and explore acquisition or merger opportunities as part of its long-term strategy. By doing so, it seeks to enhance capabilities, expand market share, increase earnings, and foster growth. The company is committed to becoming a leading player in the global electronic components distribution industry, worldwide.