RainO: A Frontrunner in Reinstating the Conventional Method of Rainwater Harvesting

In a country like India which is on a development spree along with multiplying population count, the ampleness of water resources seems to be a very crucial factor. The inclination of our country towards industrialization, urbanization and construction has lead to a significant decrease in the groundwater level, persuading the govt. to ponder over alternate ideas of water conservation such as rainwater harvesting. A thriving sector, the rainwater harvesting market in India is expected to reach a CAGR of around 7 percent by 2021. Envisaging this opportunity in 2016 and compelled by the immense water scarcity in the sub-urban areas of Marathwada while carrying out a construction project, Yogesh Jadhav established Farmons Techno Pvt. Ltd to ensure efficient and cost-effective rainwater harvesting. RainO has simple yet effective ways to reinstate the conventional method of rainwater harvesting. It filters outs the dirt and debris from rainwater flowing through roof, replenishing the clean water to be stored in existing water tanks or to recharge the bore wells or tube wells.

Started as a mere solution for an ongoing construction project by Yogesh Jadhav, RainO successfully turned out to be his next venture exploring more proficient technologies of water resourcing and groundwater recharging. "We came across the pain points of the clients citing the available products are not being perfect for their use along with other problems such as complex mechanism, bulkiness and being expensive. We developed our own products and technology that will not just only solve all these problems but will compete with the available products in the market. Then we explored different designs and technologies which can filter out the water in the self-mechanism way i.e. without the use of electricity or power but by gravitation which will ensure the filtration of water irrespective of the amount of rainfall. With different prototypes, we started creating stimulation durations based on different designs. We finally figured out our ideal products and narrowed down to them, and eventually entered into the market a year and a half
back," states Yogesh Jadhav, Founder, RainO- Farmons Techno Pvt.Ltd.

Yogesh Yadav,Founder

RainO intends to create impact by changing the lives of many people suffering from water scarcities. Delivering the finest products and best possible technologies, RainO is not only benefiting the people in rainwater harvesting but also encourages them to save water for themselves as well as for their future generations. Owing to its impeccable services RainO hosts a huge market across the north-eastern states and southern states of India including Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat. "Every disruption comes with the arrival of new technology in the market about which the people were not aware of. Naturally people opt for these modern and innovative technologies which have comparatively less complex mechanisms, better qualities and are cost-effective. Compared to those products available in the market, our cost is lower than 75 percent. It benefited our consumers as they can afford efficient and reliable products now at a much cheaper price," says Yogesh Jadhav.

RainO successfully turned out to be his next venture exploring more proficient technologies of water resourcing and groundwater recharging

Along with the vision and dedication of Yogesh Jadhav, an experienced and prominent player of construction, consultation, and architecture projects, RainO has flourished and succeeded owing to the strong sup-port of Mrs. Renuka Jadhav Ganesh Pankhade, and Vishwanath Raman. Vishwanath Raman, who has been with the company for more than 18 months, has been handling every-thing related to marketing, sales up-counting and client handling. Navigated by some of the efficient and experienced minds of the country, RainO aspires to be recognized as a synonym of water harvesting in India as well as across the globe by delivering innovative new products which are highly efficient, cost-effective and ideally convenient to any person who wants to save water.