Radico: World's First Organic Hair Colour, Certified by ECOCERT

Sanjeev Bhatt,DirectorAccording to Sanjeev Bhatt, Director of Radico, the journey to start the company began in August 1992 when he took the decision to quit his job and start his own business with the meagre sum of money that he had accumulated from his provident fund. Being a resident of Faridabad city which is famous for henna, Sanjeev turned his attention towards introducing henna to the global market. It was not an easy process but he believed in himself and plunged into it. He Introduced Natural Henna in the USA as “Temporary Henna Tattoo" and developed a DIY Kit. At that time, there was widespread Aids scare prevailing in the global market and hence people were not visiting tattoo shops. So, he leveraged the situation and hired a consultant to help him develop a machine for making western design stencils templates for DIY temporary Henna tattoo Kit. It was an instant hit in the USA and soon the company was flooded with big orders.

Besides introducing henna for the body decoration business in the USA, Sanjeev also introduced Henna as a natural hair colour in Japan. The Japan market welcomed the product, however, soon they realised that henna could deliver only one shade of colour. So, the demand increased for more colours, 100 percent natural made of herbs only. Sanjeev then reached out to various global laboratories and chemists but they all
refused to develop 100 percent natural hair colours stating that it is not possible. Since there were very few research documents available on herbs, Sanjeev started a small laboratory at home for research and development. His education and knowledge in science helped him a lot and he was able to work with a fresh approach. Soon, after four years of research, he and his team developed six new shades of 100 percent natural hair colours. Encouraged by this success he further worked hard and developed 24 certified organic shades of hair colours. In 2011, Radico’s hair colour got certified as ‘Organic’ by ECOCERT, which was a real game changer and a turning point for the company. Soon Radico’s hair colour was launched in Germany and got an excellent response, which according to him was beyond his imagination. There was no more looking back then, the company’s products spreaded out like a wildfire in the entire EU and soon reached 100+ countries.

We believe in the philosophy of Good Karma and maintaining a balance in life. This philosophy encourages us to remain truthful, honest and hard working all the time

Sanjeev’s commitment was further validated when he received awards and recognitions. Some of which were, the Arch of Europe Gold Star Award for the year 2001, ‘Honorary Professor of the Academic Union, Oxford' in 2016 for scientific research and lifelong work in Natural & Organic Hair Color and many more. His company, Radico has also received awards such as ‘Best Performance, 2001-2002’ from the Council of International Awards, UK, Niryat Shiromani award for export in India in 2003, Best enterprise award from EBA at Germany in 2016, Best company in the Organic cosmetics by World Cob, USA, in 2016, Most promising Brand of the year 2019 by Global Leaders awards, India, and “India’s Most Trusted Natural and Organic Brand of the Year” Award by International Service Pride Awards 2021. Besides these, Sanjeev and his company have won many more accolades for their breakthrough work in the field of natural hair colours.

Radico has made huge leaps in the field of natural cosmetics. Its 100 percent organic hair colour made of 100 percent herbs with no added synthetic chemicals has made the company a global name to be reckoned with. “We believe in the philosophy of Good Karma and maintaining a balance in life. This philosophy encourages us to remain truthful, honest and hard working all the time,” concludes Sanjeev.