QuickPerks: Creating a Multi-Segment & Multi-Brand Ecosystem that Benefits Everyone

Franklin Earnest John, Founder & CEO

Franklin Earnest John

Founder & CEO

The customer loyalty program in today’s business market has secured a huge recognition for several reasons. Not because the program only has a variety of benefits for companies, but also because they have become an expected part of the consumer experience. According to Mordor Intelligence, the global loyalty program market was valued at $2617 million in 2018, and is expected to reach $9280 million by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 23.3 percent. Alongside, the Indian market also poses a positive outlook with the increasing use & demand of customer loyalty programs by the consumers to enjoy the benefits of discounts & privileges with a personalized experience. Contributing to this market, QuickPerks, a recognized Mumbai based customer loyalty services provider, is leading the edge in the customer loyalty field in India by redefining luxury for the consumers.

Redefining Luxury
QuickPerks specializes in turnkey solutions for varied industries like real estate, Food & Beverages, retail stores, medical service providers, social and business communities. Besides, where most of the brands in the loyalty space are limited to paper coupons or cash-backs and deals mostly with a segment or two, being a multibranded platform, QuickPerks offers an opportunity for a longterm relation with the end-users,
associating with leading brands of their respective fields like St. Regis, CROMA, Myntra, Le15 Cafe, and more. This makes the firm stand apart from the crowd.

QuickPerks offers an array of luxury services & privileges, including customized loyalty cards, loyalty apps, topup services, concierge services, popup events, errand desk, customer service desk, consumer research, in-store pop up coupons and more. The firm’s expertise in tailor made rewards & loyalty solutions for multinationals & large Indian corporate help clients to attain better customer engagement with enhanced brand recall & goodwill amongst present and prospective clients. Besides, these solutions bring a great experience to the subscribed members by facilitating the flow of offers and discounts from a selected and exclusive list of brands, creating an ecosystem that benefits everyone. “Our solutions bring better recognition to our client’s brand each time when a loyal customer dines, travels or shops. It also helps to measure customer loyalty through engagement with indepth analysis of customer behavior and spending pattern,” states Franklin Earnest John, Founder & CEO, QuickPerks.

Our solutions bring better recognition to our client’s brand, each time when a loyal customer dines, travels or shops

QuickPerks’ entire system of real-time redemption of discounts & privileges has been designed to give members the best deals on offers while keeping the entire experience as fuss free as possible. For this, the firm has a strong quality control process in place coupled with round the clock customer service. Also, the reason behind such smooth & seamless operations of QuickPerks is its team of professionals that comprises of experts from different segments, including technology, market research, communications and marketing.

The 2014 established firm has excelled in offering best-in-class services to the clients since its starting days. With such dedicated offerings, QuickPerks has witnessed three-fold revenue growth over the last two years. It also has bagged a number of prestigious clients, including Ajmera Builders, The Mehta Group, The Rotary Club - DIST 3141, and CPRA, to name a few. While blooming constantly in the customer loyalty segment, QuickPerks has also integrated into the space of employee benefits, community perks, and target marketing solutions, and is looking forward to adding more verticals on its service list in the coming future.