Qualitas Global: "HighQuality Data Annotation Services for AI and ML Companies"

Neville Patel,Chief Executive Officer

Neville Patel

Chief Executive Officer

With the progression of cutting-edge technologies, services and products in every domain have now been revolutionized. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Automation amongst many other industries are now growing with a terrific boom. Processes are getting automated to minimize human intervention in the near future. One such company making an impact in Ground Truth, Data Annotation and Machine Learning services is Pune based `Qualitas Global Services'. Qualitas Global was founded by visionary Mr. Neville Patel in 2014. Being a Six Sigma Black Belt, this creative entrepreneur believes in quality work along with a customer-centric approach. In 2014, Qualitas Global was one of the very few companies in India that were working in the Annotation industry and is today one of the largest in Asia with over 500 full time employees and the capability to scale over a 1200 people almost immediately.

The Idea
Qualitas Global's mission is to help their customers innovate and scale up by providing a mix of automated and customized services. With offices in Europe, USA and India and major customers across the globe, Qualitas has successfully completed several international projects for clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 5 companies. Qualitas specializes in Image Tracking, Data Annotation, Video Analytics, Language Translation and a variety of other business-process outsourcing offerings for Machine Learning in verticals like Self-Driving
Cars, Sports, Retail, Fashion, Drone, Security and Surveillance, Defence, Facial Recognition, Medical An-notations, Agricultural Annotations, Construction Security Annotations, Geospatial Annotations and many other industries.

Their high-quality annotations and player tracking services in sports helps the team owners, coaches and managers in improving the performance of their players, analysing injury, predicting player health, and improving revenue from tickets. Qualitas provides sports annotation services in multiple sports like soccer, rugby, hockey, ice-hockey, tennis, badminton, baseball, cricket, lacrosse, kickboxing and many others.

Qualitas is also well known in the industry for premium quality assurance of mobile and PC video games and for the development of mobile games, apps and software. All their highly trained employees work as an extension of their customers' in-house team, out of their high-security office in Pune. The workforce in the company holds commendable expertise in various industries and sports as well. The CEO Neville Patel also personally interviews every potential candidate before they join the company to ensure a great cultural fit to how he wants to service his customers.

Qualitas provides sports annotation services in multiple sports like soccer, rugby, hockey, ice-hockey, tennis, badminton, baseball, cricket, lacrosse, kickboxing

The Forward Movement
Since Qualitas Global's inception in 2014, they have pro-cessed over 85 million images with accuracy rate of 98.9 percent. The team has also mastered working on numerous data annotation tools and are aware of all the functionalities of such tools. Powered by just 6 employees in 2014, the company saw a rapid growth year on year securing major global customers in Europe and US. Qualitas Global also registered a Dutch company to provide ease of service to their European customers and partners.

By 2021, Qualitas Global is planning to have a team size of 1000plus employees and is also looking to acquire other strategic data annotation companies from around the globe. Qualitas Global also believes in empowering women with jobs and financial security. Over 60 percent of their employees are female and the entire management team is comprised of female leaders who are seasoned at handling complex projects. Even after creating such an impressive mark in the industry, Qualitas believes in constantly striving for excellence and aims to achieve greater heights in the time to come.