Qspec Technical Solutions: A Game Changer in the Parking Management System Industry

Aseem Kumar, Director

Aseem Kumar


The explosion of modern technology has pushed major metropolitan regions to become smart cities and this is expected to open up new markets for companies that offer smart parking management systems. An effective and comprehensive parking management solution can reduce parking requirements by 20-40 percent, which aids in the maintenance of city infrastructure, the reduction of land consumption, the generation of money for the government, and the improvement of user convenience. Airports, shopping malls, municipalities, hotels, public and private operators Qspec Technical Solutions has a parking management system solution (PMS) Parking Guidance System (PGS) and Parking Information solution (PIS) for all of them.

Company founded in 2019, Qspec has been to integrate Best Global Platform with India specific solutions on Handheld with ANPR based parking and Toll solutions.

Orbility-France has chosenQspec its exclusive partner in India. One of the oldest Parking Management System (PMS) providers, with more than 50 years of experience installed at some of the biggest airport terminals in the world. "ORBILITY was part of Xerox group and has become a world leader in innovative Parking Management Systems and Urban Mobility solutions. We supply a diverse range of customers around the world", says Aseem Kumar.

Using Real time Information
Parking equipment suppliers to various operators confront numerous key challenges,
including that they do not have a very technical team of operators on minimum pay. The difficulty lies in building and implementing something that can be readily managed by the operator team and this is where Qspec comes into play by helping overcomes these issues with online help. One of the most significant challenges that Qspec encountered, particularly with multientry or multisite operators was their suspicion of the technology and their age-old daily pattern of collection and site visits.

They overcome this by providing live real time information from the site on the command center, freeing up the operators to manage larger sites, increasing their business and gaining much needed buy in. Qspec's software includes an easy to use collection of business tools, supplementary mobile solutions, and a set of interfaces via third-party systems to assist customers in growing their businesses and increasing revenue. The main distinc tion between Qspec's offerings and those of other market participants lies in the fact that Qspec provides a wide range of services including a Command center with API integration of all smart city functions, locally developed AI-based software with ANPR integration and various handheld devices, including FASTags handhelds for, less expensive parking automation solutions.

Established in 2019 Qspec has integrated Best Global Platform with Indianspecific solutions on Handheld and ANPR based on-street Parking and Toll solutions

"Integration of AI in our systems is a major deployment which we started our thoughts that maximum numbers of parking are open and there is a major compliance issue for municipality's esp. Smart cities to control them", says Aseem Kumar

The company's core leadership has diverse industry experience, from communication to electronic security to the hospitality automation industry. Qspec's driving force has been the technology team which has over 20 software development teams working under the direction of their Director Dildar Baghdadi, who has ensured the development of India specific technology adaptation.

With the numerous solutions developed and deployed in the market by Qspec, for the coming year, the firm plans to use the development centers in India to service the global market of ORBILITY. The Middle East market is also now accepting and adopting parking options. They think that Qspec's experience in the Indian market will be beneficial to their future expansion in this regard, and the firm is continuously striving to work towards it.