Qdesq: A Co-Working Aggregator Connecting Spaces & Co-Workers

Paras Arora, Founder & CEO,Lavesh Bhandari, Co-Founder

Paras Arora, Founder & CEO

Lavesh Bhandari, Co-Founder

Various e-Commerce, food and travel aggregating platforms offer innumerable search options for our respective taste buds. However, the booming co-working space faced the dearth of a dedicated platform that can bring the space providers and seekers together. Paras Arora (Founder & CEO) observed this gap and joined hands with Lavesh Bhandari (Co-Founder) to bridge it, giving birth to Qdesq. Growing as one of the largest office space aggregator (and probably the only in India), this platform holds a unique designation of letting people monetize their unused spaces that can vary from lavish business centres and co-working spaces to extremely affordable shared offices. Qdesq stands today as the largest broker free platform for renting out all kinds of workspaces.

Disregarding the conventional norms of long commitments, heavy investments and lock-in periods, Qdesq offers the co-workers the flexibility of ready-to-move-in offices with low investments and
pay-per usage policies. Unlike the traditional business model, Qdesq is a tech-enabled organization that relies on offering a gamut of co-working spaces under real and transparent deals on its online platform. These spaces are segregated into two categories: short term demand and long term demand that differ only on the time and cost involved during their lease. “We provide occupancies, handle the demand side on our co-working space and we are one of the most important marketing channels to get occupants and monetization,” states Paras.

To have a fool-proof relationship with office space providers, Qdesq signs a MoU with them that states their ownership or the right to rent the concerned commercial property

More than just Infrastructure

A property is listed on the platform only post verifying the quality, accessibility, infrastructure, transportation feasibility, power backup, furnishing, tech-suaveness, housekeeping and several others features, by the Qdesq team. To have a fool proof relationship with office space providers, Qdesq signs a MoU with them that states their ownership or the right to rent the concerned commercial property. Once verified, Qdesq takes charge of handling payments leaving venue owners/providers worriless
about administering bills, finances and invoices. Understanding that it caters to all kinds of work space seekers from freelancers to SMEs to large corporations, Qdesq offers work spaces ranging between Rs.2,500 to Rs.22,000, which varies based on the number of people or duration it is rented for, all on the Qpro (Qdesq’s CRM platform) that handles the entire undertaking, from platform discovery to post closure documentation. For instance, post the user lists his requirements on Qdesq in terms of priority and location, the company schedules a visit to few sites. Qdesq’s team will then follow-up and arrange every thing, just like hand holding him till he finds his perfect work station.

Located in major cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Pune and many more, Qdesq has an occupant base of 2500+ per month and 225+ transactions per month. It has already secured funding of $400,000 from angel investors like Dheeraj Jain, Anuraag Jaipuria, Ruchirans Jaipuria, Rishi Kajaria and Founders of Travel Boutique Online – Ankush Nijhawan and Gaurav Bhatnagar to fuel its future plans of PAN India expansion and later to South East Asia regions. By the end of 2017, Qdesq plans to foray community engagement platform that would help office and community managers to engage with the co-workers efficiently.“By 2020,we are planning on scaling our inventory to around one million desks on our platform.We are enabling micro-entrepreneurship on Qdesq, which has enabled several offices owners to get more than 80 percent occupancy for their property” concludes Paras.