PUNIAS: Creating SAP Enabled Centralized Enterprises

   Baljit Singh,   Founder & CEO
Baljit Singh, Founder& CEO

While there is no questioning the capability of SAP software, there is no denying that the corporate world’s most preferred ERP software is also highly complex in terms of implementation and maintenance. The market today is jam-packed with SAP implementation experts, who help organizations get started with SAP. However, there is serious dearth of service providers that can support clients effectively post implementation. PUNIAS, a pure play SAP partner, is on a mission to render quality and cost effective SAP services that go beyond implementation.

“Once the SAP stabilizes, several user requirements crop-up, which need a capable developer’s expertise. Unfortunately, cost prohibits most companies from hiring skilled SAP service providers,” explains Baljit Singh, Founder & CEO, PUNIAS. Armed with a host of SAP certified consultants, the young firm is filling the market void for providing expert consulting and focused solutions in SAP implementation, annual maintenance & support, upgrades, training, and migration from ECC 6.0 to S4/HANA. Founded in 2016, PUNIAS is
gradually winning over more clients and helping them utilize the true potential of SAP and facilitating business growth.

"Focused on the SME sector, PUNIAS is bullish towards SAP Business One and holds expertise in implementing the business management software designed specifically"

Strategic Moves to Dominate Market
The all-pervasive SAP software has made its way into most large industrial hubs across the world and in India. Therefore, PUNIAS is focusing towards the relatively smaller industrial sectors in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, and Jammu & Kashmir. One of the few SAP service providers based in North India, the Mohali headquartered firm is making things easier for companies based in North India.

Focused on the SME sector, the firm is bullish towards SAP Business One and holds expertise in implementing the business management software designed specifically for the SME segment. Additionally, PUNIAS also leverages the latest SAP implementation methodologies to help clients come on board with S4/HANA. “With the introduction of S4/HANA, implementations have become easier, as it is a preconfigured setup unlike earlier when we had to configure SAP from scratch. Now, we just need to fill the gaps to customize the software according to client requirements and the turnaround time has gone down to as low as three months,” adds Baljit.
Post Implementation Support
While SAP implementations can be carried-out by anybody, most companies falter in entering right data in the correct format. “With exponential amounts of data being generated every day, most companies are either missing some data in their existing systems or have it all scattered. The data thus needs to be combined, cleaned, and synchronized in order for the SAP software to function properly,” expounds Baljit. To counter this, PUNIAS has brought on board expert data management consultants who not only specialize in data mining, cleaning and others, but also possess the required SAP knowledge.

Armed with a team of more than 30 experienced consultants, team PUNIAS also helps clients in upgradation. Additionally, since 70-80 percent companies in India are still using ECC, the firm is helping a host of them to migrate to S4/HANA. The team also performs upgrades for Fiori apps based on customer requirements. The year 2017 saw team PUNIAS conduct some critical GST implementations in Okaya and GreyOrange, among others. Furthermore, the firm renders annual maintenance services to clients such as Hindustan Times, among others. Adept at managing their end-to-end SAP, the firm timely and efficiently addresses every ticket that is raised and thus allows clients to make optimum use of their SAP investments. Today, witnessing revenue growth of over 35 percent YoY, the ambitious firm is now gearing towards service export to maximize its progress.