Proxelera: Marking Milestones as the Go-to High-Quality Chip Design Partner for Companies

Ravi Shankar,  CEOWhen Steve Jobs gave his famous ‘connecting the dots’ speech in 2005 at Stanford University, one of the biggest take aways ignited the value of experience. How and when experience is attained, one is able to perceive, understand and teach better. ‘You can only connect the dots looking backward’, summed up the edge that experience gives an individual or even a business. Experiences, be it personal or professional, prepares one to do better and become the front runners.

Businesses with extensive experience in their said domain are therefore the first option/choice for customers. The number of years of experience is often regarded as the indicator of knowledge. Bengaluru and Mysuru based Proxelera roots in its expertise as a chip design partner. Though a new establishment in the industry, individually, the management of Proxelera boasts 20+ years of experience in the semiconductor industry. The company was founded in 2021 and is renowned for providing project execution, mid scale resource augmentation and ODC services to clients from various verticals.

Some of Proxelera’s design expertise lies in IP, subsystem, chiplets, full chip, complete RTL and physical design and post-silicon validation, driver development, and application development. “Our focus since our foundation has been to establish ourselves as design partners and not just skilled people providers”, says V. Raghavendra Mohan, COO of Proxelera. Ravi Shankar, CEO of Proxelera adds, “At Proxelera, we cover all steps of chip design, presilicon to post silicon validation. We are also partners with EDA vendors and strive to stay updated”. Proxelera’s technical
superiority, client retention capability, the scale of its business, and its social partnerships give it a leading edge above other competitors.

An All-encompassing Partner
Besides ensuring customer satisfaction with its chip design services, via workshops and various events, the team at Proxelera creates awareness about the subject. It trains upcoming VSLI professionals across India with practical approaches to the subject. “We are continuously working with various strata of the society locally. We leave no stone unturned to do our little part to be of use to the world that we belong to”, says Ravi.

Proxelera recently started a program to identify professors from Universities interested in understanding chip design. Following the same, the team conducted free workshops in the Mysuru region to train and help the participants better understand VLSI. This in turn contributed to creating an ecosystem of young and old engineers, honing their knowledge of electronic chip design. “We work with professors and teachers at universities and train them to teach newer topics and select practical assignments for their students. By way of conducting periodic, free workshops for the students, we bring the culture of knowledge sharing to practice”, mentions Ravi. On the other side, these workshops and seminars conducted by the company have also garnered attention, thus, establishing Proxelera as the ‘go-to’ company for chip design.

Proxelera has laid the foundation of a full-fledged team of experts in VLSI in a sprawling 18000 sq ft facility in Mysuru along with another 6000 sq ft facility in Bengaluru and is also an integral part of the Beyond Bengaluru startup grid launched by the government of Karnataka.

Focused Employee Development
One of the core strengths of Proxelera is its employee first culture. Every employee, new and old, is exposed to various learning materials so they can deliver their best selves, physically, technically, and mentally. The company understands that for employees to do their best, they need to feel a sense of fulfilment. It hence contributes to the same by creating a collaborative work environment defined by well-organized processes featuring cross-domain training seminars and workshops. “Our engineers love our business and the technology we work in. Proxelera’s culture drives productivity in work”, adds Ravi.

Proxelera has focused on two key areas CPUs and SOCs. This has helped it to attract leading-edge projects. The firm’s cutting design skills, coupled with its social initiatives of knowledge sharing have escalated its positioning in the industry. In the future, Proxelera aspires to become the number-one choice for chip design and deliver commercially successful projects. Extremely proud of his team of talented developers, Ravi shares, “We root on the experience that we have garnered over the years, and in the years to come, we hope to continually grow to be the number one chip design partner for companies globally”.