Probox: Accelerating Digital Transformation Efforts

Rajesh Kutty,Founder & Executive Director

Rajesh Kutty

Founder & Executive Director

Digitalization has been fundamentally determining how enterprises operate and thrive. Having said, the need for IT infrastructure services has flourished in significance. As they are expected to assist businesses in becoming agile and secure, a unified end customer experience is always in consideration. PROBOX, a Mumbai based company with exceptional vision over the delivery of IT and outsourcing services, has been providing clients with an edge over ICT. The company has been serving an unparalleled experience in the Infrastructure managed services domain with a distinct set of technology partners and expertise in providing end-to-end solutions.

Simplicity coupled with Quality and Integrity
Today's hyper-converged environment demands an IT infrastructure that keeps pace with the dynamic digital world and its new approaches. Therefore, most organizations are on the run to adopt new application delivery models and carry out self-service to enable convenient application access to its users. PROBOX has always been in the forefront handholding enterprises through their crucial technology drives. The company guides through desktop transformation, consumerization of IT, virtualization and Cloud computing. Effective ways of rendering IT management is one of the key areas where
the company has made a benchmark. By providing customers with round the clock monitoring, Incident management, and full management services, PROBOX ensures the smooth run of critical IT systems and business applications.

Organizations across the world follow different guidelines in IT. Getting the best out of every major framework, PROBOX's team has conceived an IT service delivery framework called PROFECT for its ITSM operations. It is created in line with the existing global IT service standards. Sticking true to the values, PROBOX joins hands with leading technology vendors to deliver nonpareil software and solutions in the IT service optimization arena.

PROBOX has accomplished an attractive portfolio of 5 years since its establishment in recommending and consulting in core IT fields. As Rajesh Kutty, Founder of PROBOX Solutions states, the expectations of customers are set by the competitors. It always helps in staying ahead of the curve with novel initiatives and knowing latest industry trends.

PROBOX is equipped with data centre experts specialized in assessing, enabling, migrating, optimising, planning, designing, testing, and, deploying IT infrastructure, networks, and Cloud architecture. In its Network management services domain, the company commits generously in ensuring the best performance using design works such as L2, L3, LANbase, IPbase, POE and PEO+ among others. PROBOX has partnered with Indian industries in telecom sector for setting up their 5G network infrastructure. Furthermore, PROBOX is diligent over maintaining the best network security requirement using the finest high performance data centre firewall.

"Being a reliable provider for any kind of digital infrastructure, Cloud, and security solutions, we keep leveraging our industry-wide experience further. We have been catering this technology expertise through a full life cycle model of professional, managed and support services including procedure, advisory, implementation and design. PROBOX helps in harnessing technology advances, simplify complex IT and optimize current environments while enabling future applications, user experiences, and revenue models," expresses Rajesh Kutty.

Outdoing Hurdles
Being emerged as one of the fastest-growing companies in a short period of time, PROBOX's open-door policy has helped it immensely in marching ahead. Rajesh Kutty is determined to sail through today's challenging environment. PROBOX has envisioned a business strategy that is simple, feasible, and achievable with strong commitment goals.