Prithvi Cleantech: Boosting a Sustainable Environment with Advanced Li-ion battery Waste Management

Ankur Tyagi,Director & CEO

Ankur Tyagi

Director & CEO

A sustainable environment is the need of the hour. Initiatives that boost the same are being taken globally. Although no initiate is enough at this moment to transform the face of the environmental issues that the world is dealing with, small steps count and businesses need to take them immediately. Contributing to the environment and having an environment friendly business is crucial at every level and to do the same, one of the most effective processes to adopt is recycling e-waste. An unimaginable amount of li-ion battery waste is produced every year by a number of businesses globally and if these wastes can be recycled, it will certainly contribute to a better and sustainable environment. To help businesses Prithvi Cleantech offers its unparalleled li-ion battery recycling services. "Our motto is to help businesses become ecofriendly, transform electronic resources into reusable products and make the earth a better place," says Ankur Tyagi, Director, CEO, Prithvi Clean Tech.

Prithvi Cleantech is one of the biggest and most successful organizations in the business of Li-ion battery recycling. It collects li-ion battery (mobile phone, laptop) battery scrap from service center, local scrap dealers from different states and recycle these with its patented process and recover blackmass(cobalt, alluminum, lithium, copper) to provide it Li-ion battery manufacturers in Korea, Japan and US. The company has recently got its first Li-ion battery recycling license in UP and NCR.
The company is one of the most sought partners for li-ion battery recycling as it has its own fleet of containers and trucks that works as tie-ups with a plethora of leading logistics companies. This is done to support its initiative of returning back the basic commodities to them. Prithvi Clean Tech understands that a sustainable environment and initiatives that boost the same is the need of the hour. Thus it works with the mission to keep electronic waste from ending up in and around in local landfills. "We aim to transform li-ion battery recycling completely and give them new shape, i.e make them into useful resources. We use innovative and completely environment friendly technologies to do the same,"he adds.

Keeping utmost faith on the potential of the 3Rs, Prithvi Cleantech strives to offer the best to its clients

Keeping utmost faith on the potential of the 3Rs, Prithvi Cleantech strives to offer the best to its clients. The company endeavours to become a world class organization by offering the highest quality services & solutions to power unmatched management and recycling of li-ion battery waste. Protecting the mother earth from pollutants and industrial wastes is of utmost importance to the company and to do the same it harvests resources in a natural way. It employs environmental friendly techniques to accomplish its goals and vision it adds value to the things that people throw away and adds fuel to a sustainable environment. Customer satisfaction is also on the company's priority list and with a team of experienced professionals it ensures to educate clients on every step and offers the best services available in the market.

"We are in planning to set up the five ton per day EV 2 wheeler li-ion battery recycling plant in UP by Jan 2022. With more and more businesses eyeing at adopting ecofriendly measures, we are expecting a multifold growth in the upcoming months and years," Ankur concludes.