PR 24 x 7: Reaching across the Nation to tell your Story

Atul Malikram,FounderSmall businesses in India have a somewhat hard time balancing between limited time, budget, and marketing. However, they have to put them-selves out there as much as possible. Best shot they have is reaching out to a PR that will understand their story and paint it large in the market.

Headquartered in Indore, PR 24x7 is a creative communication Network comprised of PR Professionals, Publicists, Writers, Strategist, and Media Coordinators. Established in 2006, by Atul Malikram, PR 24x7 has been in the business of Public Relations for the last 15 years. During the journey the agency has constantly strived to stay ahead of its time. The key strength of the organization has been its goal to consistently adopt the change and its elements and take initiatives to always take a step forward in the due course of the journey. Be it matching the digital wave or being a part of it, PR 24x7 employees have always kept the company stake at its highest priority. Living up to its name, PR 24x7 has always been available 24x7 for the clients and their requirements.

Speaking on the current state of growth of PR firms, the Founder of PR24x7, Atul Malikram says, "PR has grown manifolds in the last decade and has become one of the most vital services for any company their product or for their services. Not only PR has unfolded itself in sections but it is true that
the paradigm shift from Print to Digital has played a vital role. While we aim to move forward and grow it is equally important for us to maintain the balance between company's expectancy and its presence amongst its competitors".

Atul Malikram, a passionate, enthusiast and a great motivator, built his dream and named it PR24×7. PR was never his forte since the beginning. He heard this term for the first time in late '90s when he got the opportunity to handle `Goli ki Hamjoli' campaign PR. He had done his job excellently and that one lead proved to be a turning point for him. He realized that Public Relations is challenging and cannot be taken lightly but at the same time it gives an immense satisfaction in itself.

He is a risk-taker who understands one's needs and works accordingly. His one-minute manager quality makes him stand out in the crowd. Atul is accompanied by a bunch of young enthusiasts- his team. This team of young and dynamic professionals has always been an added advantage for PR24x7. The group of young members easily accustom themselves as per client requirements and play an important role in the collaborative growth story of the organization.

The company by far has had the maximum number of professionals working in separate cities across the length and breadth of the country

PR 24x7's service portfolio includes Public Relations, Corporate Communications, Planning & Strategy, Media Monitoring, Webinars, Digital Media, and Barter collabo-ration. The USP service of PR 24x7 would be regional media outreach. The company by far has had the maximum number of professionals working in separate cities across the length and breadth of the country.

Adding to the above, and as per government guideline of Corporate contributing their share in CSR activities PR 24x7 has taken this initiative seriously as their actual responsibility. In this endeavor PR 24x7 has done a few internal campaigns to amplify its presence and showcase its contribution towards the society. A few campaigns hosted by PR 24x7 are Diwali Campaign #DidiKaam-Wali; #NaniKiPathshala; Covid Care Initiative #PR24x7CCI; and the most recent one being Holi Campaign #BURAMANEGE. With such an enigmatic impression in the market, PR 24x7 intends to expand to international market. This is currently the goal for the near future.