Plus Valley Adventure: Offering Personality Development Training through Fun Learning Activities

Shripad Sapkal,FounderThe present corporate scenario leaves almost no life for corporates outside their cubicles. The hectic schedule, deadlines & commitments, household responsibilities and the limitless traffic have ensured no time for leisure for these tiresome souls. This monotony gradually starts taking its toll on them by reducing their confidence level, morale and awareness towards their own society and culture. With companies not ready to spend solely on excursions, Shripad Sapkal came up with a solution encompassing both leisure and learning through his corporate outbound training firm, Plus Valley Adventure, to aid suchlike individuals.

Established in 2005, Plus Valley Adventure is a leader in outbound training and experiential learning, drilling professionals on various facets of team formation, team working and team building through its innovative & interesting outdoor activities, to rejuvenate their weary spirits. Led by industry veteran Shripad himself, who has an experience of over 22 years in the industry, his team of experts at Plus Valley is acclaimed for accomplishing arduous adventures including night treks in jungles, rock climbing, waterfall rappelling, water sports and map reading with outmost care and solace, all with the purpose of fun and learning together.
Activities that Develop Personality while Degrading Problems
Plus Valley’s activities, which are designed to incorporate personality development skills into the employees, bring the whole team together besides facilitating icebreaking which helps them open up to one another, share problems and eventually find solutions then & there. The implementation of behaviourial profiling techniques & five stages of team development, namely – forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning, further strengthens interpersonal relation & team effectiveness within a safe environment. Consequently, the impact of these trainings is directly proportional with duration, and longer excursions assist in solving much more worries.

Training activities at Plus Valley Adventure are designed to incorporate personality development skills into the employees by bringing the whole team together

The comprehensive corporate services offered by the company ranges from induction programs of one day duration to multiday agenda based programs planned accordingly after due consultation with client’s HR team, and skill based programs in its own campsites at reasonable rates. Headquartered in Pune, the ISO 9001:2015 certified company furnishes its services PAN India in collaboration with various adventure experts across the country.

This proven expertise coupled with immense experience and innovation is what brings giant companies like Coca-Cola, TATA, Bajaj Alliance, Maruti and Volkswagen to its campsite repeatedly. Constant upgradation in its activities leads to ‘newness’ which clients find most striking every time they visit. Thus, keeping pace with the rapidly changing corporate culture, Plus Valley brilliantly ensures customer retention, which include companies like TATA, CocaCola, Maruti, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance, Volkswagen, and many more from across industry sectors.

With an idea that adventure requires one to escalate to something new & challenging and step into a mind-frame ready for exhilaration, excitement and some exhaustion, the company is determined to conduct as many outbound training programs as possible and create awareness in the corporate sector regarding the need for such fruitful excursions by encouraging them to invest more on their employees’ welfare. The company keeps growing at a profound rate of 15 to 20 percent YOY.