Pixel Studios: Enhancing Clients' Businesses by Blending Technology with Creativity

TG Srinivasan, Director

TG Srinivasan


Steve Jobs said, “The best way to create value in the 21st century is to connect creativity with technology”. Value may be subjective but technology has a major role to play and the spark of creativity makes it even more powerful. Placing Tech head and Creative head together, Pixel Studios equates technology and design that brings out better user experience for its clients. Integration of imagination and exploration with problem solving ideas gives a unique transformation to the clients businesses through digital technology. Explaining its tagline 'Technology is Colorful', T.G.Srinivasan, CEO, Pixel Studios, states, “Employing creativity in the sphere of technology not only brings team of coders and bunch of designers together,but also gives life to ideas”.

Encoding the Pixels of Innovation
The inclination of customers towards smart phones and tablets demand the companies to have flexible and comprehensive websites that fit in any smart device and give the audience creative insights of their offerings. Hence companies seek a highly functional website / portal with equal weight age on branding &user experience. However, with its unique approach, Pixel Studios
keeps up with growth of clients’ businesses & revamps their website to address the changing business needs. With flexible layouts, and focus on clients’ unique marketing communication on website, the company goes page by page, corner to corner to convert the designed layouts into responsive website. Its rigorous testing process ensures that sites load faster with zero defects across various browsers & devices.

With flexible layouts, and focus on clients’ unique marketing communication on website, the company goes page by page, corner to corner to convert the designed layouts into responsive website

Established in 2001, Pixel Studios creates an interactive platform of meaningful creative designs endowing websites with latest technologies like AMP – accelerated Mobile Pages, click to call, analytics, Mobile Responsive Websites, CMS, hybrid and native application development. Believing that each client’s business is different, Pixel Studios always creates a unique / new website to customize clients businesses’ online presence by understanding their customers, competition& online competitiveness (of keywords & social media activities, &promotions) and integrating phase wise objective with website designs &integrating functionalities to ensure ROI. Utilizing innovative ideas & IoT solutions–Beacon Solutions, RRFID, GPS tracking and Bluetooth based solutions, this
customer-centric company creates attractive, functional and futuristic designs to communicate client’s information effectively.A rigorous test/launch further makes sure that it reaches the target audience through digital marketing efforts. With the execution of online campaigns through email, social media & blogs, Pixel Studios suggests its clients different digital marketing strategies with media budgets to reach out target audience to provide better experience of their website, apart from suggesting them timely web updates.

Customizing Logic Digitally
Offering advanced app development services with a strong team of developers, graphic designers and UX/UI experts, Pixel Studios provides one-stop-solutions across the platforms irrespective of web/mobile/digital media akin to social media, blogging and SEO that emerge as the powerful platforms for promoting business. Having a strong foothold for iOS & Android development, Pixel Studios Go2Market strategies integrated with web application architecture (for iOS & Android) & logic helps in the functionality of web portals & expand its reach to all corners of the globe.

Having constructive feedback policy, Pixel Studios educates its clients regarding right solutions based on rich projectile experience. With an YOY revenue growth of 50 percent (past three years) & offices across Chennai, Bangalore & Singapore, Pixel Studios envisions achieving cent percent escalation by expanding its product basket over diverse geographical areas in conjunction with strategic alliances and collaborations.