PiServe Technologies: Amalgamating Managed IT Services with Technology & Support

Mohan Baby Kurian & Managing Director ,Ginto Thampi & CEO & Director Marketing

Mohan Baby Kurian & Managing Director

Ginto Thampi & CEO & Director Marketing

The story happened few years back;precisely, when one of the biggest payroll processing companies in the U.S. that manages about 354.2k payroll accounts for UPS and other Government organizations was in dire need of a strategic delivery partner. They were waiting to go public. So the requirement index was quite lengthy, and it took a while for them to hunt their ideal partner –PiServe Technologies, a reputed end-to-end IT services company based out of Kochi. Rest of the tale is an innovative history. PiServe automated their Business Support Systems (BSS) cost-effectively, which improved the turnaround time for various support activities involving incident resolution, problem management and metrics reporting, and thus allowed the personnel to focus attention on core activities. Eventually, PiServe’s timely action made it easier for the U.S. entity to go public within the expected time period.

As an enabler making your business more simple and competitive, PiServe has built a credible global reputation over the past decade as an end-to-end IT services provider. Heavily leveraging the multi-shore capabilities, it combines Expert consulting,Integration,Support and Managed IT Services with world-class customer services to
help IT organizations reduce cost,increase efficiencies and manage risk in their data center.“Our goal is to help you grow and develop your business in line with your goals,even in times of changing markets and increasing competitive pressure,”avers Mohan Baby Kurian, Managing Director & CEO,PiServe Technologies.

PiServe's implementation plan that encrusts People, Resources, Structure, Systems & Culture, includes a task manager for each step, so that the roles are clearly defined and there is ccountability as well

Mint Strategies Help

PiServe follows both Agile and Water fall methods to deliver customer-centric & quality services to leading players across Telecom, Financial Services, Healthcare, Travel & Hospitality and many other industries. The company kick-starts the operations with a strategic planning process in which it engages with the stakeholders of the target organization. With inputs from them, it carves actionable strategies projected towards growing their revenue and improving the operating profit.

After completing the first phase, instead of an unmanageable lengthy document, clients get a single-page Strategic Map and a dashboard to track the progress against growth strategies. In addition, each of the parties involved are provided with an individual scorecard with specific action items and a schedule to achieve them.“Apart from annual
strategic review & meeting,we’ll advise you along the way and hold monthly strategy meetings to monitor our progress, ”adjoins Ginto Thampi,Director of Marketing.

PiServe’s implementation plan that encrusts People, Resources, Structure, Systems & Culture, includes a task manager for each step, so that the roles are clearly defined and there is accountability as well. Hence, the company is aggressive and at the same time reasonable with the time allocation in order to ensure not just completion but competent work.

The Big Bundle of Deliverables

The Managed IT Services of PiServe include Project Planning & Management, Network/System Management & 24x7 Monitoring, Managed Backups, Incident Management, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions. And these services are augmented with complete IT Services including Enterprise Application, Infrastructure Management & Technology Services, and three cutting-edge solutions - Pro-Data (data management platform), 365andUP (web/application/server monitoring) and nDeploy (web application deployment tool).

The Vivid Future

Alongside with excellent training & learning programs, competitive compensation, and technology exposure, PiServe’s vision to become the global leader in computing solutions & services keeps its in-house super-charged and motivated. With project business establishments located across Germany, U.S., Singapore, Saudi Arabia, UK, Japan and many other countries, PiServe is today looking forward to its vivid future.