PerfectU Group: A Coach for Fulfilment, Peace & Happiness

Sangeeta Kabra,FounderAn important aspect of leadership is addressing the issues pertaining in the professional space. Leaders who have their own personal issues resolved can tackle the professional ones a little better. Once the leader has come to terms with personal issues, he or she should be able to clearly communicate on how to find a solution to the problem. At this point, the role of coach becomes of paramount of importance to make a leader understand that there are many aspects of wellness beyond physical and mental. They are social, emotional, financial and spiritual wellness. This doesn't mean that a leader needs to have a coach for each of these aspects. Companies like PerfectU Group have been able to offer a holistic coaching package that has changed the lives of their clients.

Greater Noida based PerfectU Group provides a platform for 360 degree development of a leader. "We are dedicated to eradicating issues concerning learning, health and well being of an individual", says Sangeeta Kabra, Founder, PerfectU Group. "We provide a systematic, methodical way to manage today's stressful environment, competition, mental and other related issues". Sangeeta believes in asking the right questions that will enable a leader to realize his or her true potential and work towards
leading a fulfilling, peaceful and happy life, and for that Sangeeta always starts with a self-assessment test.

Selfassessment tests include psychometric tests or biometric tests that help an individual evaluate them-selves and understand where they stand at that particular point of time. Sangeeta emphasizes on tests being an exploration of an individual for both the coach and the leader. A leader should be able evaluate one's own qualities like strengths and weaknesses through self analysis. Once they are selfaware of them selves, the second step in Sangeeta's coaching methodology is about communication. It is here that Sangeeta opens a Pandora's box by bringing to the fore the curious mindset and the questions that the leader has long held but didn't ask. "We are opening up their curiosity about themselves, about their relationships and many other things", says Sangeeta. After this, counselling sessions and talk therapy starts where Sangeeta helps leaders set their goals and discover obstacles on the way to achieve the desired goal.

PerfectU Group provides a systematic, methodical way to manage today's stressful environment, competition, mental and other related issues

The core of PerfectU is all about helping leaders chase their goals, where they are selfaware and know how to communicate. For some of the clients, Sangeeta has been a savior, for a few a life savior. Here's what Mary Lee had to say after she completed a program with PerfectU. "When I suffered loss in business, I almost wanted to end my life", says Mary. "I saw this world full of darkness, but my colleague referred Sangeeta to me. Ah, such a relief to know that there's someone out there who is there for you, to help you, to be a mentor to you and to guide you throughout your journey”. That's the impact PerfectU and Sangeeta have been able to bring. And they are not stopping here.

Over the years, Sangeeta has had the opportunity to interact with individuals from various walks of life. She believes that rural India has a huge pool of leaders but their lack of communication skills might be becoming a hindrance in realizing their true potential. Soon, PerfectU will be working on their personal development, grooming, and communication style as well as life skills. PerfectU will be opening up outlets in various parts of the country where people can walk-in and have their social, personal, professional, financial, spiritual and emotional problems resolved.