Perfect Digital Media Resources: Traditional Patron's of Holistic Superlative Publishing Services




The Indian publishing sector is the sixth largest book-market in the world with a robust system that is rapidly growing at a 30 percent YOY basis. Nonetheless, the country's publishing trends have witnessed drifts in preferences where self-publishing consumes the larger share in comparison to traditional publishing styles. This means that while most authors prefer holding the leash while publishing houses run errands in drawing it success, the evergreen traditional modes of publishing never stops playing its harp. Thus placed at a niche position in the market and thriving as a traditional type-setting unit, Perfect Digital Media Resources (PDMR) was established in 2003 to cater to fulfilling every writers dream. With a seamless integration of the latest technologies infused with proficient expertise and profound experience, the company blossoms as a subsidiary of Compuscript Limited-an Ireland based establishment. Offering smart-solutions to fulfill clients content and management services, PDMR aims at proffering uncompromised quality of services at the most affordable costs, with a range of distinct editorial and project management solutions.

Customizing end-to-end solutions for a target of small and medium-sized publishers on a global forum, the company streamlines all types of language polishing, content development, editorial, composition and digitization services along with e-Book and e-Learning, illustration and data mining services. Aside this, PDMR deals with significant scientific, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines, thereby implementing
thorough authentic procedures throughout. Moreover, to counter major issues of plagiarism, the company adopts exclusive software like cross check and double-blind peer review to ensure the security of data. Proffering distinguished services enveloping editorial as well as digital solutions and web-based or print publishing, PDMR proliferates satisfaction to both the authors as well as the readers.

Judging a Book by its Cover
With a promise to deliver a content and design that demarcates its products in the industry, PDMR employs rigorous editorials, where every manuscript is edited by a PhD-level expert in the targeted research area and a native English-speaking PhD-level editor to ensure error free easy flowing information. Diligently patterning every aspect of publication, imbibing an aesthetic touch and bringing life to the author's work, the company strives at providing content that is accessible, comprehensible and memorable. Right from the neat page-layouts and cover designs, to every minute element, PDMR products are entirely smooth and easy to navigate guaranteeing an entirely engaging experience to its readers.

PDMR is no exception to trends within this digiera, and thus adopts the most versatile digital tools to enhance performance and authors connect. Additionally, by generating multiple digital formats, such as XML/XHTML for web publishing and electronic PDF for web-based distribution, the company also avails the provision of print-to-electronic and electronic-to-electronic services. Accommodating skilled content digitization experts, every content is thoroughly coded/scanned and indexed for long-time archival, thus posing as an asset to both clients and the company.

An Ever-Growing Passion
PDMR maintains constant interactions with its clients and publishers in order to understand their objectives and requirements. The ISO9001:2015 certified company moreover aims to introduce nine different platforms that enable diverse areas of consumption by clients, bidding on quality management systems that focus mainly on web and mobile-based publishing solutions. With this comprehensive support empowering authors, PDMR also houses a vibrant team of diverse expertise who form the spine of PDMR's success.