Peregrine Tours And Travels: Providing Innovative & Cost-effective Transportation Solutions

Sampath Raj Kalliasseri,  FounderSampath Raj Kalliasseri, Founder of Peregrine Tours And Travels, does not believe in doing different things but believes in doing things differently. When working in the administration department for a few companies in Maharashtra, Sampath realized that the drivers working in the transport industry were not getting paid the committed amount on time by several companies, which resulted in poor service or issues with the employees traveling. Thus, to improve the situation and create an impact, he started Peregrine Tours & Travels in 2015 to address these problems in the transport industry. Sampath’s first client was his former company, Marketsandmarkets, for which he worked for nearly three years.

His courage, passion, commitment, and zest to make it big pushed him to acquire several clients and expand his business to include bus services. The Pune based company takes pride in offering a services portfolio, including corporate cab services, employee transportation, and tour transportation. The company serves its clients with a high spirit of hospitality and ensures to offer more than they expect. Peregrine takes up each task with a comprehensive outlook and indepth understanding of its clients resulting in fewer customer complaints. Dedication and a professional approach to work have inspired the company to emerge as the leading enterprise in the travel & tourism sector.

Providing Promising Services with Transparency
Peregrine Tours And Travels was born with a
vision to lead the transport and logistic services for its valued customers for all their safe, comfortable, and reliable travel needs. The company’s core competencies lie in customer service orientation problem solving & decision making, conflict management, teamwork & cooperation planning & organizing, and accountability & responsibility. It concentrates on providing customers with employee transportation with Automation, centered on efficient route optimization, employee safety, significant cost savings, paperless & accurate billing, realtime vehicle tracking, and insightful data analytics.

The patented routing algorithms of Peregrine V Ride calculate the optimized routing for the vehicles to take to maximize pickups. The company enhances the safety of all employees during transit by intelligent routing calculations to plan routes. Its solution leads to the correct sizing of the transport capacity and removes any excess vehicles from the fleet. V-Ride also installs an in can touchscreen device in cabs or buses that captures the trip sheet in electronic format, improving billing accuracy. Additionally, based on a GPRS and SMS messaging combination, the company enables real time tracking of vehicles. Lastly, Peregrine V-Ride’s solution provides a comprehensive analytics dashboard and useful reports like on time arrival reports.

We specialize in employee transportation focused on offering our clients safety, reliability, and value

“We specialize in employee transportation focused on offering our clients safety, reliability, and value. We provide safe and reliable charter transportation in various vehicles, seating capacity starting from 4+1 to 55+1 seaters, and specialized vehicles ensuring employees arrive at the office safely and minimize potential delays. In today’s busy roadways, minimizing the risk and congestion is one of the main reasons our clients turn to standard contracting with us", says Sampath. Peregrine V-Ride’s employee transportation services are cost efficient and environmentally friendly. They also minimize the time lost in offices when coordinating personal vehicles.

“We offer automated employee transportation. We provide our in house software to the drivers and the end users. There is a panel where we input user identity credentials for the admin to track all transportation related activities daily. I am actively working towards obtaining Go green and Carbon certification. Our efforts are centered on converting or replacing diesel and petrol engines/vehicles with electric ones for current and future clients. I am also a member of the World Environment Council", he adds. Peregrine operates over 200 vehicles to provide transportation to employees PAN-India, ensuring a safe, reliable, and pocket friendly travel solution for hundreds of regular office goers.