Perch Service Apartments: Hospitality with Care!

Madhu Singh,Co-Founder & Experience Head

Madhu Singh

Co-Founder & Experience Head

When in a new city, it is always tough to find a place that makes you feel at home. Travelers often face this dilemma, and star hotels are not always ideal due to lack of personalized service and limited accommodation options. Filling this void perfectly is Perch Service Apartments, a Gurgaon based company that operates premium service apartments across multiple cities in India.

Standing strong on its philosophy of ‘hotel-like-stay with home-like-comfort’, Perch offers various options to choose from – family apartments, corporate accommodation, vacation villas & more. Every property is carefully selected and located at central serene locations. The properties are fullyfurnished to international standards with self-cooking kitchen space, living rooms, as well as complimentary breakfast (meals plans by expert chefs).

Service that Makes your Stay Memorable
Further, the properties are loaded with a number of amenities like hi-speed Wi-Fi, fitness studios and libraries. Perch also offers services such as Netflix and international dish TV to make your stay just like home. Being a family started enterprise, Perch believes that the warm family-like environment is key to having a relaxed stay.

Location is critical; for example, The Perch has Japanese service apartments near the industrial districts of Gurgaon & Delhi. For Corporates, it has locations close to business hubs, and for families in well connected central locations.

“We have a professional management setup and for all our properties we follow a simple 3C motto; Clean, Convenient & Classy. This is also one of the reasons why we have received hospitality awards from major companies including Tripadvisor, Airbnb,, MMT and others,” adds Madhu Singh, Co-Founder & Experience Head, Perch Service Apartment.

Using Technology for a Great Stay Experience
Digital at heart, Perch uses analytics to offer such personalized services and improve repeat stay. Its technology wing Nodal. Direct creates CRM software for the company to offer seamless customer experience, and also helps other property owners setup and professionalize their own stay hospitality businesses.

We follow a simple 3C motto for our properties; Clean, Convenient & Classy, which is also one of the reasons why we have received hospitality awards from international companies such as & others

Perch properties’ systems are linked to this CRM system; hence, every booking information goes straight to the individual property managers. Requests like early check-in, meal pans or pet friendly rooms are carried-out seamlessly. While the software helps personalize the stay, it also rewards guests with loyalty points and amazing discounts on repeat stays.

“One thing is very clear; our core aim is to offer our guests a quality stay. Thanks to our affiliate and franchise partners, we are always able to cater to the stay requirements of our guests in the cities that we operate in,” explains Shaurya Singh, Tech Advisor, Perch Service Apartment.

Perch already has 200,000+ room nights sold since its inception in 2012, and has grown from a few rooms to over 200 across India. With the success of its affiliate program, it is all set to open 10 additional new properties across India, and is also working on converting the properties into smart homes using Internet connected devices for a better stay experience.