Peacock India : An Intersection of Creativity, Collaboration, Commitment & Customer Satisfaction

VT Shreeram,Business Designer

VT Shreeram

Business Designer

Peacock India, a premier design and development studio based in Chennai, follows the idea of ‘Perfection consists not in accomplishing remarkable things, but in doing commonplace things wonderfully well.’ VT Shreeram’s brainchild was begun in 2010 with a single purpose in mind: to interact with clients to provide the best class in design, globally, with amazing design solutions that would enable the firm and its customers to grow together. As a result, Shreeram — an award-winning visual designer with over a decade of expertise – builds useful, fun, and successful digital products for consumers in order to fulfil the vision.

Peacock India is one of India’s leading UIUX, creative, branding, mobile app design development with the goal of meeting the needs of its clients by delivering a one-stop solution for all of their design needs. Creativity in its services and products, Collaboration within the team and with clients, Commitment to quality, and Customer Satisfaction are just a few of the company’s key principles.

By offering a services portfolio that includes user interface design UIUX, web design, mobile design, branding, and concept ideation, it has elevated the bar to new heights. Peacock India’s team has an in-depth understanding of the designs, and the organization has more than 80 years of industry experience.
Peacock India has earned a prestigious name in the business by finishing over 97,000 lines of code, delivering 1550 projects to over 600 pleased clients, and winning 30 awards.

“When I founded Peacock India, I knew exactly what I wanted to do: design, design development, research, and being able to satisfy the goals of the brands we’d be working with. Mr. AT Vijayakumar, our management advisor, worked for a multibillion-dollar corporation and provided us with invaluable guidance and experience. He shared my vision and supported us in producing the iconic solutions that our clients desired while complying with industrial specifications,” says VT Shreeram, Business Designer, Peacock India.

The Methodology behind Success!
Shreeram thinks that design is a language that cannot be expressed just via words, which is why he works closely with stakeholders and entrepreneurs to create the greatest product possible. He meets with stakeholders on a regular basis and strives to gather their needs, including references. He claims that no design is complete without recommendations from previous clients who have impressed him during the design process. He and his team follow the client’s instructions, which come in the form of a mood board, concepts, and thoughts, and then create sketches or storyboards based on the documents. Despite the fact that not everyone adheres to this procedure owing to the time commitment, Shreeram wants to maintain it in place to ensure that the company continues on schedule and produces the finest product possible.

Incorporating excellent concepts and four core values, the organization was founded on four pillars: innovation in its products and services, teamwork with clients, and a dedication to excellence

“Most clients have various ideas, but we can’t implement them together. As experts in that field, we distil all of our ideas into a beautiful picture of what clients want,” he says. Figma, Jitter, Spline, Affinity, and other cutting-edge technologies are used by Peacock India to stay up with the current design trends. It is, Shreeram believes, the only way his squad will be able to compete with others. The best part is that Peacock India is still at the top of the design and development value chain, with customers like RK Swamy BBDO, Times of India, The Hindu, LUKER, PainC UK, Teetra U.S., and a plethora of others.