PEaaS: Empowering Companies to Build Marquee Software Products & Captive Development Teams

Vimarsh Vasavada & Mehul Desai,Co-Founders

(L-R) Vimarsh Vasavada & Mehul Desai, Co-Founders

The world of outsourced IT is filled with horror stories from clients. It’s common to hear of the poor quality of service, lack of control over a project, offshore data security, and most importantly, concerns regarding leakage of intellectual property & personal information. To solve this problem, PEaaS was incepted in 2015 by Mehul Desai & Vimarsh Vasavada (Co-Founders), who have gained immense knowledge of building unique intellectual property driven software product and global deployments over 25 years. The fact that their venture C-SAM was acquired by Mastercard and turned into their Center of Excellence speaks volumes about the duo’s expertise.

Building Secure & Sterling Products
Leveraging this experience, PEaaS enables its customers to build marquee software products & captive development teams, retaining critical intellectual property in the form of patents, products, and people. Mehul explains, “Conventional outsourcing of software development results in loss of enterprise IP, where the advantage of resource optimization is
dwarfed by a significant reduction in overall enterprise value and erosion of competitive advantage. The only solution is PEaaS’ unique captive team development model and the managed migration to PEaaS-Prime”. With its own patent-protected product engineering solutions and methodologies, PEaaS empowers software product companies to become more agile and responsive to the changing market and competitive landscape. The company delivers feature-rich & high-quality software products across the whole spectrum of development technologies, tools, approaches and environments.

"We address the complete software product engineering life-cycle right from design, architecture, development to hosting"

“Backed by world-class infrastructure coupled with experienced professionals who have a proven track record of accomplishing IP led software product development and global deployments, we address the complete software product engineering life-cycle right from design, architecture, development to hosting,” says Vimarsh. The company has put in place a comprehensive system of quality engineering processes at every stride, from product definition to product realization. Its avantgarde Product Engineering services include exhaustive research & analysis to identify the apposite technologies to ensure the best performance while incurring minimal costs. PEaaS takes a premeditated approach towards cost, performance, characteristic trade-offs and other factors, and assists companies to overcome the challenges of delivering premium, timely products &
services to the souk. Thanks to this nonpareil model, PEaaS develops pioneering products that set novel benchmarks in today’s ever-changing world.

Engaging People
Heavily focusing on human capacity building, PEaaS has adopted an inimitable work culture which is based on five key pillars - innovation, empowerment, ownership, efficiency and empathy. This helps it to build an innovative and product-centric culture, focused on achieving the overall business goals of Startups to Fortune 500 Companies, supporting them in building unique IP based products. While the teams at most of the outsourcing companies fail to communicate with the customer properly, PEaaS has built a team that excels in communicating with clients. It supports customers from around the globe, including the U.S., Canada, Japan, UAE, and even far-flung Bolivia, addressing their entire software product engineering requirements, building solutions with the appropriate localization, including language and cultural nuances.

PEaaS follows a series of distinctive group of methodologies to deliver solutions that work the first time around namely, P3 (nurturing people, products and patents), PESP (forms the heart of the product engineering) and P721 (building the human capacity for its customers by inculcating its unique empathy driven user-centric product development culture). “It involves managed migration from captive team to incubator-style shared office/workspace and domain-led innovation ecosystem or PEaaS to PEaaS-Prime,” concludes the duo.