Parikram IT Solutions: A Multi - Shore Provider Deploying Top-Notch Professionals for Process Services

Amardeep Challapalli, CEOEver since bifurcation, the state of Andhra Pradesh, which incurs the glory of holding eight percent of the retail market share in India, has been waiting for significant reforms to taut its service needs. Due to the state’s complete dependency on the wholesale market, there are only a handful of BPOs in the region. Running a BPO service organization with IT solutions requires domain professionals who are distinctively missing in cities like Vijayawada, as most talents have shifted to the metros to work for big-ticket IT firms. Realizing this as an opportunity, to make a difference, Amardeep Challapalli(CEO & an industry expert) carved a niche for his brainchild Parikram IT Solutions by hunting-down the best IT minds from the metros to offer top-notch services to the retail merchants of the state.

Amardeep’s strategy of leveraging experienced human resources for achieving operational excellence has enabled Parikram to offer a wide spectrum of quality support services, challenging the standards of the big IT firms. At present, it deals with three main areas IT development, BPO services, and Information media & entertainment. Parikram specializes in offering complete backoffice & e-Commerce support services which include call support, email support, chat support and

digital & affiliate marketing services. Viewing the growing scopes in the niche market, it also offers additional services like KYC servicing, data processing, data cleansing, and others, to address the client needs.

To reduce the human errors, Parikram uses tech-savvy platforms like automated callback system for the client, as well as ERP & CRM systems to increase the efficiency & maintain a short turnaround time

Data safety being a critical parameter in selecting an outsourcing company, Parikram invests 60 percent of its effort in maintaining stringent practices for handling crucial client data. On the flipside, to reduce the human errors, the company uses tech-savvy platforms like automated callback system for the client as well as ERP & CRM systems to increase the efficiency & maintain a short turnaround time. These technology interventions proved perfect to save the production time while gaining maximum client satisfaction.

Parikram is an ISO certified Quality Management company reinvigorating its clients’ business operation & technology models towards the digital future. Despite being a geocentric business, thanks to its service excellence, today, the company caters to bouquet of clienteles beyond the perimeters of Andhra Pradesh including the organizations at international shores. Soon it will be covering the sales development for countries like SriLanka, Philippines and New Zealand as their reliable branding partners.

Prepping Professionals
Parikram acts a responsible organization in keeping its employees updated not only to elevate the in-house performance, but to make them industry-ready as well. For every six months, the recruitment team hires new talents who get trained by its inhouse experts till they became domain experts in the respective fields. In fact it has tied-up with state-development bodies for more strategies to rear a brighter workforce to fill-in the talent gap of the demanding market. Today Parikram is one of the fastest growing professional services companies in Andhra Pradesh. Advancing further, the company envisages the provision of medical billing services in the next five years.