Panacea Infosec: Making Businesses Threat Proof

Ajay Kaushik, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Ajay Kaushik

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Security concerns have risen to a staggering level and are raising alarms all across the globe for business houses, irrespective of industry verticals or the size. Various cyber threats of all kinds, be it information leak, fraud, data breaches among others have created a huge challenge for the organizations. Today, there is still a lack of skilled security expertise to mitigate the ever-changing face of online threat that is further coupled with the less awareness of cyber attacks among the businesses today. Hence, it has become imperative to partner with competent managed security services to safeguard one's organization against the ever-changing security threats.

Understanding this need, Panacea Infosec was established in the year 2012 as a cyber security specialist that could handhold organizations and defend them against every looming security threat. Panacea Infosec is one of the leading managed security services provider with more than 400 plus clients in 45 plus countries across various industry verticals that include Banks & Financial Institutions, Telecom & Communications, IT, BPO & KPO, BFSI, eCommerce & Retail Merchants, to name a few. Panacea Infosec have been successful in developing a whole gamut of security programs developed for various clients over the years comprising

consulting services, security testing, and managed security services.

"We are authorized by PCI SSC council which includes Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and also the Central Banks of participating countries including RBI. They have authorized us to conduct audits to ensure that the Payment infrastructure and the people who are managing this whole payment process are robustly secured. This shows our competency in this field," says Ajay Kaushik, Founder & CEO. "We are the subject matter experts when it comes to Information Security Service Provider, wherein, our perfect mixture of technically adept team, outcome driven process, and integration of latest technologies gives us an edge over our competitors in the market today," he adds.

Ensuring Perfect Deliverability of Services
Once Panacea Infosec partners with a prospective client, Panacea Infosec first trains their in-house team before delving into assessments to create a robust base for a successful implementation of security services. The training is focused more on understanding the people and the process to combine these two things to help safeguard a business. Furthermore, Panacea Infosec also provides specialized training courses in PCI DSS Implementation, ISO 27001, Application Security and Cyber Security. Additionally, the training program is also customized as per the arising need of a particular organization.

Amalgamation of Outcome Driven Technologies
Panacea Infosec has been adopting and amalgamating unique technologies to bring the needed innovation in the security domain. For instance, Panacea Infosec is working with a couple of researchers to use biomimicry technology which is a practice that learns from and mimics the strategies found in nature. Also, Panacea Infosec is integrating Geospatial technology to accurately detect and assess the location where the threat originated. Furthermore, Panacea Infosec is also utilizing human psychology to understand a mindset of a hacker where would be the breach, what level and type of damage one can expect and other critical parameters.

"Our approach will be bullish going forward and we will focus on upcoming standards which RBI is rolling out for different sectors such as financial, BFSI, Insurance among others. To scale our business, we will slowly start offices across the globe to ensure our growing clientele base is catered by us with best-in class services. We will also be creating new verticals and service lines, wherein, we are planning to develop robust solutions for the growing projects in the field of Smart Cities," concludes Ajay.