Orbittal: One-Stop, Safe, Reliable & Innovative Electric & Power Solutions

Sagar Bavdhankar,Director

Sagar Bavdhankar, Director

Buildings are mostly being built in the same manner as 10-20 years ago, with the exception of a few technological integrations. Electrical technology and low voltage-related systems used to be an after thought because of their minimal impact on the building operations and systems. Fortunately, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) utilities soon enlarged the intense nature of building in various industries from IT infrastructures of corporates to modern power plants, and engineering industries to factories. As such, operating with the core purpose of lightening-up the lives by providing reliable and safe power solutions, Orbittal delivers innovative yet cost-effective turnkey MEP services and solutions – its parent vertical that contributes to 80 percent of its business growth.

Mixed Basket of Rich Products & Services
Orbittal is a globally recognized brand in Project Services & Electrical Panel Manufacturing, a prerequisite in specialized engineering & industrial marvels. Under MEP utility services, Orbittal has executed many milestone & signature projects with high-quality standard, international safety norms and in-time
project completion. With eminent industry experts on its advisory board, it has anchored itself in the market as a one-stop-solution for all MEP services right from design, execution, manufacturing of electrical products, safe and reliable installation, even further post installation support that has expanded PAN India. Separate service teams are made available to clients even after DLP period, marking almost 80 percent of repeat clientele ratio, which proves that Orbittal is indeed living up to its tagline of ‘your reliable partner’.

" Orbittal’scost effective and trusted components are compatible and sustainable for any requirements, adding value to clients’ electrical projects "

Utility Service Range
Its rich 24 years of experience in project infrastructure services along with an eye on close monitoring of Facility Management, marked by quality services, moves the company one orbit ahead of everyone in the market. Orbittal’s cost effective and trusted components are compatible and sustainable for any requirements, adding value to clients’ electrical projects. Herein, Orbittal has entered the manufacturing of LED, Solar EPC, HT & LT panels, and is categorised to introduce its award-winning ‘solution-based technology’. To provide such high standard & reliable service/products, various quality checks are instituted at every stage of project like method statements, check lists, internal & external audits, and EHS policies.

Herein, it is worthy to note that the company adheres to ISO 9001-2015 system, Kaizen,
External Audit System, Special Project tracking tools, and third-party quality & testing services. Hence, it comes as no surprise that Orbittal has thereby been specially awarded by GE for on-time completion of their project with safety, awarded as a 'Fastest Growing SME of Year 2017’ by Navbharat Times and India SME Excellence Award 2015, and has also been attained 'GS Parkhe Award' for innovation from MCCI in 2018.

“These feats could never have been achieved without the support of our well-dedicated and talented team that adheres to core values and systems with human touchtowards project requirement, which translates to Orbittal’s success, ” states Manjiree Biche, Chairperson, Orbittal. The team delivers best products irrespective of clients from SMEs to various Fortune 500 companies like Owens Corning, Fresenius Kabi, Loreal, Volkswagon, Volvo, Amazon, Bekaertand Tata Group to name a few. Working with such conglomerates, the team has adapted their work culture/systems & technologies to fulfil their expectations. In this stance, Orbittal has even setup world-class LED Manufacturing unit after acquiring a European company and has setup R&D unit to continue the innovative streak and register a further revenue growth from the present turnover of Rs.75 crore along with a steady growth of 20 percent every year. “Strong EHS and quality is a foundation for continual success
of Orbittal,” states Sagar Bavdhankar,
Director, Orbittal, who is leading project cell with a vision of being top three service providers in India.