Orange Fish Events: Executing Seamless Events Leveraging Years of Experience

Farhan Alam , Co-Founders ,Gaurav Gupta, Co-Founders

Farhan Alam , Co-Founders

Gaurav Gupta, Co-Founders

In an era where brands are crumbling down in a blink of an eye, a consistent visibility is paramount. Brands need to connect with the audience and only then will the entire operation succeed. Having served some of the biggest names like Audi, Porsche ,Big boy toyz, Jaguar, BMW, DLF, LG and Bird Group, Delhi-based Orange Fish Events harbours the quality of organizing events unique to the clients. These events are highly client specific and have the knack to blend the event theme and audience requirement together, making it a grand success. While many players tend to under deliver their promises (that can be blamed for the scepticism rampant among companies), Orange Fish aims on going a notch beyond their promises. Co-Founders Farhan Alam and Gaurav Gupta state, “Our main aim is to ensure that our client is happy, regardless of how big the brand is. We deliver the best beyond what we promise and before the promised deadline, and that makes our company distinct”. Subsequently, while many of its competitors can only hope to serve such an affluent clientele, this company is already is their trustworthy partners. And there are several testaments on the company’s website to prove it.

Finesse at its Core

Brilliant ideas, effective execution and elated customers are the three pillars of Orange Fish. Through its rich industrial expertise, Orange Fish helps its clients ‘Feel the Difference’ and works hard to
adhere to this motto by offering highly reliable services in a fast turn around like no other. Its excellence in organizing corporate events, fashion shows, family outing, talent management, celebrity management, exhibition, product launch, corporate gifting, BTM & mall promotions, conferences, and seminars have helped innumerable brands effectively communicate their vision to the consumers and in some instances, with their employees as well.

Some times the best laid plans can have flaws and Orange Fish is armed with a ‘Plan B’ to

A globally recognised brand, Orange Fish understands the diverse requirements of its affluent, high end and assorted clientele and delivers seamless, hassle free but highly successful events. It is no wonder that international companies like Amadeus France, United Health Group and several others appreciate the eye for detail, thorough professionalism and flawless delivery that the company offers and hold the promise of being a repeat client of the Orange Fish. Give your ears to what Raffles Millennium International’s management has to say, “Thank you for the well-coordinated set up and arrangements of the stall fabrication. It went on smoothly without any hitch and the setup was completed way before the stipulated timings. We look forward to working with Orange Fish Events for our marketing activities in the near future”.

Going Beyond Promises

For over five years since its inception, this organisation has been heavily involved in fashion shows all over the country, taking up the entire responsibilities like hiring models, sound & light systems, audience seating,
backups amongst several others, which helped it earn trust of some of the biggest names in the fashion industry. In order to serve such customers PAN India, the firm has even partnered with various vendors to offer the best service at a highly economic rate. For instance, hotels usually charge exorbitant amount for daily rents. Orange Fish has tie-ups with various hotels that enable it to offer their service at a highly subsidized rate. Now who doesn’t appreciate discounts!

Organizing weddings in India can be a tricky affair owing to its multi-cultural base. However, Orange Fish makes it look like a walk in the park. Farhan explains, “Weddings have high sentimental values attached to them. Hence we engage in elaborate discussions with the client, understanding their preferences and the way they would like the ceremonies to pan out. This way, we are able to adhere to the client’s demands without compromising on the work quality”. Sometimes the best laid plans can have flaws and Orange Fish is armed with a ‘Plan B’ to mitigate any error that arises, but with prior discussion with the clients. “We make our own ideas regarding what we want to achieve, but sometimes resort to customer feedback for improvement for future projects,” adds Farhan.

For the team, work doesn’t stop at mere assembling of the perquisites for the event. It believes in staying till the end and caters to any need that might come up. A proud and bootstrapped company, Orange Fish, akin to the uniqueness of its name’s source, thrives in beauty and the sense of being different from other players in the industry. For all its unique service provisions, Orange Fish is one of the top choices from an array of organizations and has now set a benchmark for its competitors by being the market leader in event conceptualization to final implementation. “We want to create something beautiful that will have great impact on people’s minds,” concludes the duo.