Open Designs: A Global Catalyst in Branding and Web Designing

T.S. Shrikrishna ,FounderPeople are becoming more and more tech-savvy and gadget maniacs. The thirst for accessing information online has always required a platform to showcase. In any case, web designers and developers would be required to understand the client’s requirements and combine all the efforts based on the competitor’s take. Open Designs is a global catalyst in Brand Consulting and Web Design, Open designs help clients build brands with the resolution to shoot through and conquer dynamic marketplaces.

Based out of Chennai, Open Designs offers User Experience Website Design & Development, WordPress Content Management System, Google SEO, Digital Marketing, Content Writing,Google AdWords and Email Marketing. Open Designs’ brand consulting and web design services include identity design, strategy and positioning, brand architecture, motion graphics, brand nomenclature and associated digital marketing services like social media marketing.

Founded in 2000, Open Designs has successful associations with League brands like Hatsun Foods, The Hindu Publications, Ruby Builders and Kumaran Systems. With founders carrying an experience of 25 years, the organization is able to set up a unique quality and serve clients according to their trending demands.
Open Designs provides services to ten verticals and uses the latest technologies such as data science and analytics to provide the perfect solutions for the clients. It also enables the organization to understand consumers’ buying behaviors so as to understand the customers’ needs and market demands for a better future.

Some of the technologies Open Designs incorporate into the services are Live chat, CRM tools, Project Management tools, chatbots. There are certain core values the organization follows such as building relationships, innovations, respect and dignity, a positive attitude and satisfy customers all the time. Open Designs helps clients with business management, profile creation, market pitching, and campaign management for the retail and jewellery industry. Most of the successful offline businesses are aware of the scope of the online platform but are still sceptical about making use of it. And if they agree to move ahead, they are expecting immediate returns in terms of sales without having to engaging audiences and customers. This is a major concern Open Designs is encountered with.

Open Designs helps clients with business management, profile creation, market pitching, and campaign management for the retail and jewellery industry

“All of our design decisions are grounded on a foundation of keeping things intuitive and easy to use. We’ll show the customers how to manage the store even if the client is not tech-savvy,” says T.S. Shrikrishna, Founder, Open Designs.

One of the most esteemed clients of Open Designs is a Jewellery brand, KVM Jewellers, Salem. After working for two years with the jewellery brand, Open Designs have come across to understand the retail industry on a better scale. Open Designs have taken care of the entire rebranding process of the brand right from ideas, concepts, design, marketing, and campaign management. This has given hands-on experience in the working and management of in-stores and online stores.

In the coming years, Open Designs is looking forward to expanding multiple platforms to cater to the higher-level needs of the existing clients and to acquire new demanding clients. Some of the services looking forward to providing cater to new technologies such as AI, VR, Data Science and other online & mobile platforms to help the customers to generate more sales.