Omega IceHill: Indulging in the Most Advanced Heat Transfer Technology

Dheerendra Kumar Singh, CEO,Anil Agrawal,  Managing Director

Dheerendra Kumar Singh, CEO

Anil Agrawal, Managing Director

The endemic problem of poor heat transfer in limpet jackets and leakages in both limpet, as well as manually dimpled jackets means that industry suffers from high operational costs and unpredictable down times. Banking on the latest & most advanced laser welding technology to engender a significant difference, Omega Ice Hill Pvt. Ltd.(OIPL) provides customized heat transfer solutions that ascertain energy efficiency, withstand high pressure, and require zero maintenance to a wide range of industries such as Dairy & Food, Beverages (alcoholic & non-alcoholic), Chemical & Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, and others.

The high cost of maintenance, production outages and poor heat transfer with passage of time due to fouling in shell & tube heat exchangers in process industries, especially in chemical plants, Sugar, Paper and Oil & Gas, time and again result in substantial loss of business. OIPL’s plate type heat exchangers nearly overcome all the above disadvantages and result in trouble-free operations thus enabling these industries to save on cost and time and be competitive.

Laser Welding Technology
Setup as an equal Joint Venture, eight years ago, and built upon the
rich heritage of its parent Netherland -based Omega Thermo products BV (established in 1989), pioneer in this technology and world leader, OIPL is one-of-its-kind 2000 sq. meter facility. Based at Rudrapur(Uttarakhand), its laser welding manufacturing facility now caters to myriad applications and has revolutionized the thinking about heat transfer in many industries. The company’s technology now is a standard in Dairy industry as specified by National Dairy Development Board, while Brewery industry has completely switched over to this technology – led by United Breweries, Carlsberg, AB Inbev and others.

OIPL’s highly customized product lines predominantly cover three distinct, broad applications, including Heating & Cooling (in jacketed tanks & vessels), Industrial Refrigeration (for producing low - temperature chilled water, flake Ice machines, Evaporative Condensers and much more), and Process Heat Recovery Solutions (allowing heat transfer between a wide variety of medium), viz covering liquid /Gas, Gas/liquid, Gas/Gas and, liquid /liquid and thus manifesting complete versatility. It backs-up its products with comprehensive customer support viz video assistance, personal visits and expert advice on the application level.

“We possess the capabilities to produce laser welded pillow plates for diverse intricate geometric patterns, as well as sizes (2000 mm wide and upto 12,000-mm-long) that can handle extremely high operating pressures. Our heat exchangers, while bestowing matchless quality, require low operating costs,” asserts Anil Agrawal, Managing Director, Omega IceHill. Besides,its ASME U-stamp certification and the complete CNC-based infrastructure ensuring uniform
welds, OIPL carries-out periodic weld-tests to make sure that the product offered is defect free. No wonder its product lines are being used in critical industrial applications over the past three decades without even a single field failure!

Breathing Innovation
OIPL nurtures innovation & uniqueness, investing a considerable amount of time & effort in creating and modifying its products as per the demands of its customers. “Currently we have launched high efficiency Evaporative Condensers (with laser welded plates in condenser section), Ice Silos, Water Coolers with laser welded panels, and Heat Recovery Systems for Sugar, Textile & Paper industries,” adjoins Anil.

Anil Agrawal, Managing Director

As demanded by the dynamic business landscape, the company exposes its workforce to an environment of constant innovation, development and support, alongside regular training. Also, it ensures regular participation in exhibitions, which serve as a learning, as well as an additional training platform for the employees. “Having grown by over 35 percent in the last two years, we expect to grow at the same pace for the next five years to reach over Rs.100 crore by 2022-23, backed by growth in the existing business, new product lines and applications,” concludes Anil.