Arsonic International: One-Stop-Destination for Centralized & Expedient IoT-Based Office Automation Solutions

Amod Kumar Yadav, Founder & CEO

Amod Kumar Yadav

Founder & CEO

Automation is becoming the most pertinent need of the hour today and modern infrastructure has contributed to its growth terming it as a new smart investment. Despite the industrial automation market poised at $2 billion as per industry estimates, the automation industry witnesses’ major setbacks due to its uneconomical costs, complex network of fittings (retrofittings) and its unsuitability for heavy load appliances. Cutting right through with an entirely pioneering approach to tackle these lags, Raipur, India based Arsonic International incepted to create a solution that provides smart building technology with a competitive advantage that includes integrated systems and centralized controls. Based on the unique and diversified needs of its clients, the company networks a simple control of one or multiple sub systems with access from centralized, localized or a combination of locations. Additionally, it is aggrandizing its agenda to set its clients a step above in efficiency and revolutionize a seamless experience.

As a one stop destination for all IoT based technology needs for offices/homes & retail projects, the company stages a single platform for smart security systems, lighting & lighting controls, audio/video control, surveillance, motorized gates/window/curtains and IT solutions. Safety & Security, value for money, complete control, convenience, user friendly systems and luxury primarily feature in Arsonic’s home/office automation solutions. To its
distinguished services and unique approach, Amod Kumar Yadav, Founder & CEO, Arsonic International, states, “Our approach is project oriented and not product oriented. We provide solutions based on the clients/projects needs and budget without comprising on the product & service quality. We strongly believe that prompt service and reliability are our USP”. The ISO 9001:2015 certified company therefore only provide solutions as per Federal Communications Commission and complies with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances), ISI, BSI, and ISO standards. Further they are certified by the Ministry of Communications and the IT Department of Communications.

All at Palm’s Control
As simple as a plug-&-play, Arsonic’s automation solutions seamlessly adapts to existing constructions without the need for special wiring or damage to current fixtures, making it suitable for new/old constructions maintaining unvarying flexibility, durability and reliability. Moreover, eliminating the use of two way wirings, adding cost saving benefits to clients (in terms of wiring, conduits and labor cost), the company also installs its automation systems with two additional circuits for heavy loads up to 16 Amps. Irrespective of geographical distances or other limitations like power sources (inverters/solar systems), clients subsequently enjoy control over their electrical appliances via switchboards, handy remote, mobile apps, cloud and voice controls.

We provide solutions based on the clients/projects needs and budget without comprising on the product & service quality

Offering needbased and value for money solutions without compromising on quality, Arsonic’s tailor-made solutions work on various protocols with additional layers of security. An exclusive mesh network is created using different technologies that communicate with the overall system to provide uninterrupted signals throughout the project. Furthermore, an efficient and experienced inhouse team takes care of the complete project design, site measurement, supply, installation, testing, commissioning, programming & training before handing over the complete system to the client. Besides these, the service team also takes care of AMC for all the installed and supplied systems.

Service is Key
Aiming to provide unprecedented services, the company considers receiving constant feedback from clients based on which its skilled R&D department implements innovations and avantgarde technology. Targeting over 50000 successful installations by end of 2021 under its umbrella of solutions, Arsonic’s belief that service is one of the most important factors for success, is all set to fuel it to newer heights in the coming years.