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Arvinder Singh Chawla,Director - Business Development (India)

Arvinder Singh Chawla

Director - Business Development (India)

“If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” Over the past few decades, these aesthetic words of English business magnate – Richard Branson have inspired ample organizations to pamper their workforce with a charming, hygienic & healthy workplace. Having a core business on the other hand to take care of, maintaining novelty of such an employee-friendly workplace is often a herculean task for organizations (even more so for organizations in unskilled category that is well-known for struggling with higher employee attrition rate), which makes it imperative to opt for the assistance of a third party who can make them literally forget about the building's comprehensive facility management (FM).

Taking away all the hassles of managing the non-core aspects of a building unequivocally demands immense experience, boundless scalability and vast employee base to help shortages at multiple sites, and these features have been the buzzwords in the prolonged journey of OCS Group – a global pioneer in the facility management services sector. Founded in 1900 by Frederick Goodliffe as a window cleaning company (The New Century), OCS has not only seen the birth, evolution and several milestones of the industry, but also has set most of the global standards and benchmarks in the segment, while growing as a global giant providing end-to-end FM services to more than 70k clients in 50+ countries across the globe with close to one lakh employees. 117 years later, the Group is still privately-owned, and needless to say, the company holds deep experience in managing large employee strengths on site, and it eradicates any further possibility of employee shortage through backing-up its recruitment process with a good mix of both local and migrant staffing along side well-planned talent pools.

Building an Empire
An intact self-performing model being the highlight of its strengths, OCS has never waited for someone to pave its way, instead it carved itself a niche through pledging paramount importance to the satisfaction of its customers and the people who both work & visit their facility. It accomplishes this by focusing on uncompromised quality of services and continuous improvement, while also ensuring uncut engagement & communication. “Sector based sensitivity, customized training modules, focused transition and stabilization teams are some of the factors that give us an extra edge, alongside the involvement of innovative solutions & technologies,” elucidates Arvinder Singh Chawla, Director - Business Development, OCS Group (India).

Whilst technology has radically transformed various spaces over the last century, cleaning practices have barely evolved. But OCS is a genuine exception. Besides consistently improving its employees’ skills, the company over the years has infused its FM solutions with latest technologies available, SecureSmart & CleanSmart being a few perfect examples. While SecureSmart shields your organization from sophisticated threats by leveraging an intelligent, advanced & integrated security methodology, CleanSmart offers a quantum leap in contract cleaning. Exclusive to OCS and an innovative approach to cleaning, CleanSmart is an award winning methodology developed by bringing
lean engineering principles to the traditional cleaning process (and to even replace them) to ensure the most effective use of resources.

Despite offering such an over whelming service portfolio, OCS never fails to adhere to all the labor & taxation laws in our country and all other countries it operates in

Quality Service is the Key to Success
Having laid its cornerstone in India 15 years back under the aegis of Arvinder and a deeply experienced management team, OCS took no time to establish a strong presence across the length and breadth of the country, covering all metropolitan cities (12 branches). Being home to 17000 employees in India alone, OCS today caters to the multi-faceted support service needs of 1000+ customers (total floor space of 75 million sq.ft.) across various sectors ranging from hospitality to aviation, retail, healthcare, corporate offices, manufacturing, education and residential; delivering the best value for money and an optimum one-stop-shop service.

“Our services are designed to support a wide range of organizations. With our extensive experience worldwide and innovative solutions, we deliver best-in-class FM services starting from business requirement planning to strategic mobilization & transition, execution of activities and continuous quality management,” adjoins Arvinder. In fact, OCS offers more than 80 types of FM services including, but not limited to, Housekeeping, Horticulture services, Pest Management, Health & Safety management, Specialized & Deep Cleaning services, Waste Management and Annual Maintenance contracts (AMC).

Having an experienced team of engineers in place, OCS completes the building services loop with consolidated engineering services on a 'self-delivery’ model that includes the Operations & Maintenance of complete Electrical Distribution System, HVAC & Heating Systems (High & Low side), Civil & Kenfixit Services, Automation Systems, Waste Water/Water management Systems, Fire Fighting system, and Critical Spares Management through service level based contracts & performance bench marking. Furthermore, through its Technical Services vertical, the company also offers multidisciplinary Audits, Power Quality & Power Harmonics, Retrofits and refurbishments, CAMCs and AMCs for the range of engineering installations.

The prowess of OCS has been proven time and again with an entire gamut of elite clients. When Cisco, the networking giant, opened a huge campus (270,000 m2)in Bangalore in 2007 with an approved electrical load of 10000 KVA, OCS counted one of their prestigious moments, as it immediately scaled up to manage the operations & maintenance of engineering utilities in the entire campus with a technical strength of 300 resources. Saving manpower cost, back office technical support, employee-connect and 100 percent statutory compliance were only a few among the benefits that Cisco savored.

Maintaining the Quality Promises
Despite offering such an overwhelming service portfolio,the company never fails to adhere to all the labor & taxation laws in our country and all other countries it operates in. Besides 'My OCS'- a general platform used by OCS employees across the world to update themselves and engage with management, the company undeviatingly improves quality of its services in Indian soil through a multi-purpose mobile application–
'Employee Connect',which is a half-duplex communication system that simultaneously acts as an easy communication tool and first-hand information & knowledge hub, alongside providing latest OCS updates and access to audit feedback. This cloud based platform, which is supported by iOS & Android systems, bridges the gap between management and employees big-time. Additionally, to keep the motivation factor alive, the company also provides employees with opportunity to come up with new ideas on operational improvisation and excellence, and most importantly, it also recognizes such ideas and performances with rewards and famous OCS certificates like ‘Pat on the back' & 'ABCD - Above and Beyond the Call of Duty’.

“To ensure our enduring success and continued growth, we have in place a board which oversees and takes responsibility for all aspects of the company’s performance, which also includes setting the policy parameters and strategic direction for OCS Group while going forward,” adds Arvinder. During the course of its long journey, the group has branched into several internationally recognized brands like Cannon Hygiene – a global leader in washroom services, which was founded in 1955 and operates in 30+ countries.

The Extended Arm towards Society
Arvinder continues, “OCS Group also operates a Health, Safety & Sustainability Strategic Focus Group, which is mandated with overseeing & developing our sustainability programs across each of our four focus regions”. Reflecting its heritage and ethos as a family business, the Group alongside its steady growth also supports a variety of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities in communities where it has presence. For instance, in India, the company is associated with DM Jariwala Orphanage Trust (Mumbai) to provide cleaning services and hygiene units periodically, in addition to funding the care taking & healthcare facilities of DESIRE Society (Mumbai), which houses children suffering from HIV. When OCS India touches one of their 2020 goals - Rs.1,000 crore revenue, no one will be surprised to see the company taking its CSR activities to the next level.

OCS’ Indian arm is already in the top three UK-origin companies in terms of employing people in India with a workforce of 17,000, which is expected to double by 2021. “Having already invested Rs.350 crore in India in the past two years, we are now looking straight up to the emerging opportunities in healthcare, education, IT, aviation and sports among others in North India, alongside consolidating our leadership presence in retail, realty, hospitality, engineering and hygiene at work/home,” concludes Arvinder.

Key Management:
Arvinder Singh Chawla, Director – Business Development (India)
Having been a part of OCS India since 2007, Arvinder is a passionate professional with 30 years of industry experience. He is responsible for identifying business opportunities, planning & control across functions, and team development.

Awards &Recognition:
Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade in 2015

Clean India Challenge 2016 2nd’ position – All India

Good Design Award (world’s most prestigious, recognized and oldest Design Awards program) for Cannon Hygiene’s Imagine series.

Offices in India:
Mumbai (Headquarter), Pune, Goa, Kolkata, Noida, Gurgaon, Indore, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kochi, Chennai &Trivandrum