NUK 9 Information Security Auditors: A Well-Informed Team of GRC Experts

Deepesh Chitroda, Co-Founder & Director

Deepesh Chitroda

Co-Founder & Director

Today, Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) for any organization is not merely confined to Information Security & Technology, but to its overall risk & compliance management. The need of the hour is for organizations that hold the expertise to not just deliver effective GRC services, but reaching clients’ expectation of 100 percent quality. Thanks to NUK 9 Information Security Auditors LLP (NUK 9 Auditors) that is not only bridging this need, but offering unmatchable deliverables to clients unlike any other company in the market. Be it in terms of the nature of services delivered or the talent pool that meets clients’ demands, NUK 9 stands-out with exemplary quality offered at economical prices since 2012. Currently, the firm deals with clients from multiple sectors such as PSUs, NPOs, BFSI, travel, logistics, manufacturing, and many others.

Over the past few years, NUK 9 Auditors has been witnessing a dearth in organizations that can clearly understand, handle, manage, and deliver GRC services in tune with their clients’ requirements. It is this very dearth that triggered NUK 9 to seamlessly offer services like GRC, Information Security (IS) audit, system infiltration, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, active & passive scan, network capacity utilization, and many others to clients. As organizations striving to attain and maintain compliances for their IS governance, the firm provides automated as well as manual assistance in their specific verticals of operation.
Deepesh Chitroda, Co-Founder & Director, NUK 9 Auditors, explains, “We predominantly excel in presenting full-fledged GRC services under one roof to our clients to not only achieve the needs of their stakeholders, but also showcase Risk on Security Investments to their top management”. For each client, NUK 9(empanelled under British Standards Institution) recommends the right approach to be adopted, advisories to be on-boarded, and other requisite modifications, thereby reducing their efforts and timelines.

For each client, NUK 9 recommends the right approach to be adopted, advisories to be on-boarded, and other requisite modifications, thereby reducing their efforts and timelines

Well-Informed Team
Poised in the GRC vertical, NUK 9 and its team ensures to always stay abreast of the latest tools & technologies, and hone its knowledge base accordingly. To do so, the firm has engaged itself with a plethora of online learning sites, online & offline courses, news platforms, and social media platforms. In this digital era, NUK 9 aspires to focus on all three segments of GRC governance, risk & compliance, and maintain sustainability for both corporate as well as non-corporate clients. Moreover, by leveraging the Government’s digital initiatives, the firm is presently focusing more on the governance aspect for its clients in the GRC domain.

The Tech - Savvy Mastermind!
Deepesh is a true business leader with deeprooted interests in technology, and security compliance & assessment. In his professional journey of 20+ years, he was associated with more than eight companies as a part of their board & advisory. Also, he was one of the six candidates from India among 76 others who participated in the EC-Council certification of Chief Information Security Officer in 2008.

Over the recent years, NUK 9 Auditors has been growing significantly in terms of the number of clients on boarded, and envisions gaining 50 percent increase in the same even in the coming years. Deepesh concludes, “We believe that the Indian Government will be coming-up with more stringent laws in cybersecurity, governance and work culture in the next three years, which not just organizations but every individual ought to adapt. Hence, we would definitely fine tune our fortes with respect to these laws”.