NK Transformers: Bridging the Service Gap between Rural & Urban Areas

Amit Bakshi,CEOElectrical appliances are designed to function at a specific voltage, and a fluctuation in the voltage can damage them indefinitely. To avoid damage caused by sudden voltage fluctuation, voltage stabilizers are used. A manufacturer of high quality and affordable voltage stabilizers is NK Transformers, a Jammu & Kashmir-based company. The young firm is a distinguished manufacturer and service provider specializing in industrial transformers, electrical equipment testing and electrical installation services, among others. Known for producing technically sound, easy to install, structurally robust and reliable products, NK Transformers has been serving various clients not only in the urban, but rural sector as well.

Penetrating Rural Areas
Most service providers focus on the urban area which leaves the rural population neglected. NK Transformers identified the problems faced by people living in the rural areas and is building services and products to suit their needs. For an instance, voltage regulators used across rural areas are designed to function on 90
volts. But during peak summer, the earth current reduces due to lack of rainfall and thus voltage might fall from 90 to 50 or even lower. “People were unable to run their appliances during such scenarios. Having identified this gap, we have produced an additional tab for transformers and stabilizers in order to enable them to handle very low voltages as well,” explains Amit Bakshi, CEO, NK Transformers.

"Known for producing technically sound, easy to install, structurally robust and reliable products, NK Transformers has been serving various clients not only in the urban, but rural sector as well"

The firm also believes-in rendering customized solutions instead of having pre-designed cookie cutter solutions and products. The NK Transformer’s team personally visits its clients to assess factors such as voltage, fluctuation, power supply and exact load. This enables the company to design products better. Additionally, NK Transformer is known for rendering all its services and products at client locations, making the entire process customer friendly and efficient. Owing to high quality products and its unmatchable customer service, the firm has won several satisfied customers and is witnessing accelerated growth.

Superior Product & Service Roster
Another factor contributing towards NK Transformer’s rise in the market is the expansive list of products and services. Known for
manufacturing manual, servo andautomatic voltage stabilizers, the firm makes use of high quality components and latest technology which is in compliance with industry standards. The company also manufactures industrial transformers which are built at NK Transformer’s state-of-the-art manufacturing unit. Produced in keeping with standard guidelines as specified by the industry, customers can choose between power transformers, distribution transformers and portable welding transformers. Using a vehicle mounted oil filtration system, the company also renders oil filtration services in rural areas.

The innovative firm is now working towards building a panel which consists of automatic voltage regulators in itself and is capable of metering input voltage, output voltage and load current. NK Transformers is also conducting researches pertaining to solar energy to bring affordable electricity across villages. “We are striving to build small solar grids that can serve up to 4-5 houses,” explains Amit. Preparing to be future ready, NK Transformers is poised for growth in the near future.

Energy Efficient products
Last but not the least, At NK Transformers we are 100 percent committed on making products that waste minimum of electricity and returns highest possible efficiency, & to do so every product we made go through a state of art testing facility for assessment of losses. “This way we have successfully reduced the electricity bills of our valued customers in the larger interest of the country,” says Amit.