NJM Productions: Narrates Brands' Stories Through Quality Films

Nikhil Mehta & Fahad Janvekar,,Co-FoundersMarketing is one of the many vital facets of a business entity today. One of the most successful forms of marketing is through video production. Video production has evolved and the importance of it is at an all-time high. It is no longer just simply a talking head video that effectively explains company goals but it is also about creating an in-depth strategy to reach new potential customers, maximize ROI.

In order to reap the benefits of this type of corporate video marketing, business owners are taking advantage of the many avenues available. While video consumption is witnessing an exponential growth, it is equally daunting to approach big agencies demanding high budgets. On the other end there are freelancers who do not necessarily meet consistent standards. Bangalore based NJM Productions stands out in the crowd with its exceptional video production services.

As a video production company, NJM Productions handles end-toend production of short videos of all sorts - live action, documentary, corporate videos, explainers, promotions, NGO videos, weddings, and birthdays. “From an awardwinning team of hand-picked professionals, we come with an experience of over 500 films and realise the value of a seamless, budget conscious customer experience,” says Nikhil Mehta - Co-founder, NJM Productions.

The company serves as a platform of experienced cinematographers, editors and creative directors who collectively comprehends the role of story in keeping audiences engaged. What makes the story come alive is the people within it and that is exactly what NJM does. It focuses on people and the story vindicating its tagline - “You Narrate. We Create”.

“Our clients love our work mainly because we understand them, challenge their idea, perceive it from different angle and offer a holistic film that features all aspects of their story” he informs. NJM houses a young team of extremely passionate artists that contributes to the creative story telling landscape of brands and organisations.

“From showcasing world events via impactful wrap-up videos (Liverpool FC), to creating attention grabbing launch campaign films (Bengaluru FC), NJM strives to understand the target audience and capture imaginations with their filmmaking expertise.” Says Fahad Janvekar, Co-founder of NJM Productions.

On the wedding front, Nikhil adds “Due to the pandemic, wedding films are going to focus on intimate storytelling rather than the ‘largerthan-life’ format. Right from the onset, NJM Productions has focussed on creating ‘documentary-based’ candid wedding films that rely more on dialogue and emotional storytelling. This style of treatment captures intimate conversations at the events, which add a layer of depth to their films and reliving the moment.”

Challenges in businesses are inevitable. Harbouring an idea in head is one thing and taking the leap of faith to execute, nurture and grow the idea is an entirely different ball game. In the initial days, team NJM’s biggest challenge was to earn credibility in an overly saturated market of videographers. With a modest beginning of just two consumer level DSLR’s and a plastic tripod, Nikhil and Fahad set out to produce their clients’ stories.
“Along with gaining invaluable experience from our first few films, we also learnt that no matter how great your shots are, or how advanced the equipment is– what makes a great film is a great story.”

NJM Productions was incorporated in May 2016 and began producing films for weddings and NGOs. They soon realized that a story was beckoning to be told in other places as well, like product videos, animated explainers and corporate show reels.

As time progressed, projects started coming in as they mastered the art of storytelling via film. The team kept upgrading their skills and equipment, hired resources to get multiple projects done simultaneously. Today, NJM has come a long way to be known as a reliable yet affordable video production house that not only delivers great content but also provides unparalleled client service.

“We have been really blessed with a great team of motivated people. We are constantly on the lookout for similar talent, who we can work with and who can value from their experience with us,” adds Nikhil. NJM Productions is a platform of exclusive talent, constantly striving to provide a culture of passion, integrity and a sincere love for telling stories.

With COVID19 hitting the economy hard, it’s vital to tell your brand-story via engaging film. A two minute ‘elevator pitch’ film will be the lifeline that can bring your customers closer to you, with high quality, impactful films. In the past 4 years, NJM Productions has produced films for reputed clients’ ranging from renowned football clubs (Liverpool FC, Bengaluru FC), industrial firms (Airbus, AstraZeneca), to small/medium businesses to help them showcase their stories through film.

The company’s main objective is focussed on broadening its community of experienced copywriters, cinematographers, editors, 3D Animators, designers and photographers – and consolidate them on a single platform to serve their ever-growing client database.

With social distancing being the new norm in the present world, NJM Productions has evolved their expertise to deliver industry standard live-streaming services, online training, 360 virtual tours and animated explainer videos.

Fahad Janvekar, Co-Founder
Fahad leads the pre-production for clients and provides his value to the scripting process. Early influences in film - his father always loved film and shared his love of it with his children, watching carefully selected 'classic' movies every weekend.

Nikhil Mehta, Co-Founder
Nikhil is the creative director at weddings and corporate events, and leads the editing unit at njm productions. A computer engineer, nikhil spent over 10 years working with microsoft to fix server issues, until he stumbled upon a beginner's filmmaking guide on youtube. What happened out of chance, soon turned into obsession as he spent most of his time researching on various filmmaking aspects.

Within a year of realizing his passion with the camera, he quit his high-paying job to make his own mark in the world of visual storytelling.

Noteworthy Achievements:

• Won a national award (IFP 50-hour film challenge) in October 2017 for its short film ‘The Audition’ which was showcased to aspiring filmmakers across the country.
• In only four years since its inception, NJM productions has built a client portfolio including liverpool fc, bengaluru fc, educational institutions like Purdue university, and corporate brands like Astrazeneca and Airbus.
• Won ‘video start-up of the year 2020’ by Inkspell media in the video production space.
• Travelled with liverpool football club to shoot to Jakarta, Seoul, Dubai, Hongkong, Kuala Lumpur, Delhi and Mumbai. NJM's videos have reached millions of worldwide viewers
• As a preferred vendor, it has produced many videos for Bengaluru football club and its sponsors change Purdue university to Purdue university alumni association.
• NJM productions has hosted several two-day paid workshops to provide all the essential skills to learn video production.
• NJM has also begun providing free one hour sessions to introducing filmmaking to aspiring students. These sessions have been conducted via online seminars on weekends.
• NJM productions has teamed with established artists (writers, directors and photographers) to discuss several aspects of the industry and create a general awareness to their followers.
• NJM productions is socially active on their instagram feed (@NJMpro) and provide regular updates to their followers regarding their current projects.
• NJM productions were amongst the top picks for the best achievement in an AV film in events at wow awards 2020.