NGX Technologies: One-Stop-Solution for High-end & Affordable Billing Products & Solutions

Gone are the days when billing was a matter of pen-paper and a standard calculator. The advent of technology has gifted retailers and business personnel with equipment that eases out their worry of maintaining a clear record of cash inflow and outflow, invoice, delivery, payments and so on. With the increasing competition, nowadays organizations are innovating various dimensions of these equipments to go well beyond the billing processes. NGX Technologies is one such innovator that offers one-stop-solutions encompassing hardware and software that comes with or without cloud, covering everything from the basic model for a smallest vendor to the sophisticated high-end system for biggest retails, ranging from Rs.7999 to Rs.55,000.

"Providing an economic billing solution, its easy-to-use Bluetooth printer series with excellent battery backup comes with unique features, which allows users to utilize it along with a free app as billing application"

The Wide Horizons
The company offers complete billing solutions and products with cutting-edge technology from legacy electronic cash registers, advanced window-based, Bluetooth terminals, Android mobile handheld terminal, money counting machine and so on. Leaving no stone unturned, NGX has taken the first move to provide the end-to-end Android based POS terminals that have been implemented by very few in the market. These products can be
connected with smart phone via either Bluetooth or SMS based reporting system.

Vinay Patil, Director
Vinay Patil, Director
Grasping that not all vendors, retailers and business personnel can afford high priced products, NGX caters them with appropriate pricing and usability at entry level. “We provide hardware and software support through 100 distributors and service partners, and have a dedicated line of support to the customers to ease out the use of the applications,” remarks Vinay Patil, Director, NGX Technologies.

Its NBP-100 is an aesthetically sleek designed device that allows smooth business operations, and support admin & multiple user login with distinguished reports for each login. With a battery backup of 1250 bills, the device can store reports for more than a year with 4GB storage space and is tailor-made for fast-foods centres, hotels, ice-cream parlors, grocery shops, and restaurants. NGX’s Android mobile terminals are one-of-its kind products which are 3G or 4G based and also come with software applications for salon, bakery, fancy shops, photo studio, tailor, bank EMI
collection, account creation and so on. Providing an economic billing solution, its easy-to-use Bluetooth printer series with excellent battery backup comes with unique features, which allows users to utilize it along with a free app as billing application. These solutions come with invoice and all analytics like selling, day collection, and reports in the software.

Smooth Operations through Reports
NGX’s products are designed proficiently to support multiple report backups that automate end-to-end operations of billing and inventory tracking with reports like itemwise, day-wise, user-wise, tax-wise slab(GST), KOT reports and commission report for waiters. “Our solutions help the business owners/management to get a hands-on data at any point of time and thus enabling them to take data-driven decisions leading to efficient & smooth operations,” says Vinay.

Growing at a 30 percent per annum rate, NGX anticipates achieving 70 percent more than FY2017-18. The company is designing software for products with regional language support to make it further easier for anyone to use. NGX is shortly releasing ASHWA, a mobile Android handheld terminal with Aadhar approved biometric scanner, smart card reader & magnetic swipe which can be used for Aadhar authentication and process automation. The company is looking forward to innovate new ways to add rich user experience and expand their services soon in Hubli and other Asian countries.