Neominds Software: Building the Foundation for Success

Jayesh Babu,Founder & Director

Jayesh Babu

Founder & Director

In today's deeply competitive world, Buyers constantly look for the latest features and functionalities with quick turnaround times, and businesses push for better quality and cost benefits from product manufacturers. The growing demand for quick product deliveries has led to the creation of an entirely new engineering service by businesses dedicated to launching products faster into the embedded devices market. Also, a growing number of consumers demanding smart homes, smart electronic devices, and in-vehicle networking systems are expected to generate huge demand in the global product engineering services market.

Neominds Software is a Bangalore based software Service Company established in 2008 by Jayesh Babu, a veteran in connected embedded systems and security with over two decades of experience in the software industry. Neominds is a deeply specialized technology company offering a bouquet of services that reduces time-to-market for embedded device developers and enables them focus more on productdifferentiation and less on platform software. The firm is catering its services to many of well-known embedded device developers in Japan, Korea, and the US. The internal engineering process of the firm is heavily focused on ensuring the quality and fitment of the software. The device platform service is an inclusive solution that lays a strong foundation for the customers' application software of an embedded device and perfectly fit platform software to device hardware and the final runtime environment.

Device security service of Neominds is deep rooted in decades of experience providing security and crypto consulting and implementation to safeguard some of world-class embedded devices across the globe. Further, the device networking service, backed by hands-on experience of engineering team with a wide spectrum of network protocols, helps embedded devices connect smarter and faster than ever.

The core expertise of the firm lies in the specialization and the ability to approach and understand the product and its lifecycle in a holistic manner

The core expertise of the firm lies in the specialization and the ability to approach and understand the product and its lifecycle in a holistic manner. Instead of limiting to developing a component software as per given specifications, the firm can see the larger picture and fit in the software much better to the product use cases. For instance, when a potential client approaches the firm without clearly laid out software specifications, but knows what their end-users or product requires, Neominds is able to proactively advise, give complete know-how of the implications, and distinctly spearhead the customers. Ability of Neominds to provide this value-add comes from its deep specialization and domain understanding which is the key factor that differentiates the firm from the rest of its competitors.

According to Jayesh, if a customer approaches a vendor who does not have complete knowledge of the technology, they won't be able to provide long term maintainable products. They may be able to provide something workable, but making something just work and making something work for the next 10 years is fundamentally different in its approach and execution. Besides, Neominds maintains a transparent relationship with the customers, who are fully aware of the process, issues, and progress of the project from day one itself.

Neominds is devoted to building a smarter and connected world through continuous innovations. Long term, Neominds imagines itself to emerge as the preferred one-stop-shop for all embedded device development companies across the world.

Hideki Naito, CEO, Sherpa Inc. Japan
We highly appreciate Neominds team, especially expertise and attitude. Their achievements in challenging technologies from drivers, OS to Industrial Network Protocols are really commendable.