Nanospan: Innovating Nano/Graphene Energy Storage & Smart Home Products

Ravi Nuguru, Founder & CEO,Dr Venkata Ramana Gedela, Cofounder & CTO

Ravi Nuguru

Founder & CEO

The irreversible growth of electric cars, Tesla's remark-able success, has brought a new urgency to energy storage devices to boost their range, quick charging, safety and cost reduction. At the heart of these devices are electrodes and they determine the energy and power densities of the devices. Nanospan innovates in nanomaterial-based Electrodes for Li-ion batteries and super capacitors along with their greener and simplified dry electrode manufacturing processes.

Established in 2016, Nanospan has mastered a consistent and effective bulk development of FLG graphene and Graphene Nanoplatelets that is intended for use in energy storage, structural & conductive applications. The technological expertise of Nano-span has been to infuse graphene and other nano-additives into standard base materials to shape nano composites that give many orders of magnitude in performance & properties (e.g. energy storage, conductivity, sensory properties).

Ravi Nuguru, Founder and CEO, Nanospan says "The company's focus industry verticals segments are Energy storage for EVs, IoT/Wearable devices and Power Grids. Nanospan has targeted increasing energy densities at a decreasing cost. With our Silicon & Graphene electrodes we will achieve higher than 450wh/Kg and under $100/Kwh in next 5 years, which are more than double the current metrics. The market for anodes alone is $25B by 2025 and Silicon anodes are estimated to take 10 percent share."

Nanospan's flagship electrode products Nanotrode and Si-Nanotrode bring the power
of graphene and nanomaterial engineering to energy storage. The Si-Nanotrode is nano silicon and graphene based anode that brings high energy density and high-performance to lithium-ion batteries. Nanotrode is the flexible high performance graphene electrode, intended for very high power density super capacitor for EVs and flexible energy storage for IoT devices.

The distinctive factors that make Nanospan stand out from its industry rivals is their unique IP, and its entirely India sourced raw materials and supply chain. Dr. Ramana Gedela, Co-founder and CTO added, "The key to our success is our IP of bulk production of high-quality graphene, the liquid exfoliation method we improvised to achieve consistent quality and high surface area graphene. This forms the basis for the material matrix of all our products. The next is our IP of dry electrode process which eliminates the need for harmful solvents. This combined with product IP of various types of coatings and our successful field trials put us ahead of most of our competitors within the global ecosystem".

Nanospan's Si-Nanotrode Anode can be tuned to all Li-ion chemistries. This means Nanospan can work with any li-ion cell maker with its anode solution to bring the best overall Li-ion performance.

Dr Venkata Ramana Gedela, Cofounder & CTO

EV Li-ion batteries have to be compliant with ISO 12405 and UN 38.3 standards as they undergo Battery Safety Testing, Battery Performance Testing, Battery Fire and Abuse Testing and Battery Cyclic Stability Testing. Nanospan' selectrode products are expected to be compliant with the same.

Indian Oil Corporation is one of the prominent customers to whom Nanospan offers its solutions, de-signing a grapheme super capacitor pack for 2&3 Wheeler EV. Their other nano-composites clients include DRDO and Lowe's.

For the next three years, the Nano-span has planned its energy storage roadmap and go-to market path with (i) Market ready Electrodes (ii) large scale manufacture of their nano electrodes and active material (iii) supply to domestic battery makers and ex-porting globally (iv) prototyping new generation of li-ion battery cells and super capacitors at their Hyderabad R&D labs (v) IP licensing.