Msmarcom: Unleashing The Power Of Marketing

Rohit Singh,Co-Founder

Rohit Singh


Digital signage is growing in popularity in India as businesses aim to improve customer engagement and experience. The rise of digital signage is driven by increased tech adoption, growth of retail, and businesses seeking differentiation. This results in more advanced digital signage solutions with features like touchscreens, analytics, and real-time updates.

Established in 2015, MSMARCOM is a marketing communications firm offering integrated marketing services for businesses to reach target audiences and achieve marketing goals.The high cost of digital signage systems is a significant issue faced by customers in the industry. To tackle this challenge, MSMARCOM has focused on finding cost-effective solutions.

The company has established partnerships with local suppliers and manufacturers in India, taking advantage of the growing semiconductor and electronics market under the 'Made in India’ initiative. This has led to significant client cost savings and helped overcome the high-cost barriers in the digital signage industry. MSMARCOM stays updated on industry trends by following a three-pillar strategy of reading trade magazines, conducting Google searches, and participating in exhibitions.

The company remains committed to delivering value to customers and achieving the best possible outcomes for their businesses. "MSMARCOM continues to work towards finding more cost-effective solutions for its clients”, speaks Rohit Singh, Co-Founder. Being a forward-thinking company that aims to revolutionize the signage industry in India, the company recognizes the potential of digital solutions and their ability to offer a better customer experience.
It provides a comprehensive range of digital signage solutions, including touchscreen displays, LED screens, and innovative technologies such as AR and VR.

Vikas Soni,Co-Founder

The company focuses on combining digital and traditional media to create effective and impactful branding experiences. Despite the higher costs associated with digital solutions, MSMARCOM believes it offers cost-effectiveness in the long run. The company is dedicated to delivering user-friendly solutions and emphasizes understanding the needs and preferences of its customers. "With a focus on innovation and customer-centricity, MSMARCOM is committed to helping its clients achieve their marketing goals”, says Vikas Soni, Co-Founder.

MSMARCOM is committed to staying at the forefront of the industry, constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible in marketing communications

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MSMARCOM has a technical team dedicated to finding innovative solutions that reduce the cost of these systems while still maintaining high-quality standards and sees competition as a positive force that drives improvement. The company differentiates itself by prioritizing exceptional service, with the motto ‘Serve with Pride’. Its focus on serving clients sets it apart from competitors who may be able to replicate its skills but not its commitment to delivering the best possible service.

MSMARCOM invests in cutting-edge technologies such as automation, touchscreen innovation, cloud-based deployment, augmented reality, and interactive media while ensuring compliance and quality through the expertise of its professionals. This combination of innovative technology and a commitment to service sets MSMARCOM apart in the industry. MSMARCOM is working towards digital advancements in automation, touch screen, cloud-based deployment, augmented reality, and interactive media. The company recently added new machines and aimed to increase revenue twofold. In the near future, MSMARCOM has plans to invest in AR and VR, which will be a significant growth driver for the company.