MR Chemie: Non Hazardous Crack Detection Media & Equipment for NDT

Ajay Kanodia,  Director

Ajay Kanodia


MR Chemie India, a unit of MR Chemie GmbH, Germany is the only fully integrated, high performance chemical manufacturer in Asia that provides unparalleled test reliability and safety to its clients. Owing to its path-breaking research capabilities along with its cutting edge technology,the firm manufactures DyePenetrant Testing & Magnetic Particle Inspection Consumables & Accessories, Leak Detection products, UV Technology and Special Chemicals amongst others. With a state-of-the art infrastructure and an advanced R&D centre at its disposal, the ambitious firm, head quartered in Unna, Germany, has grown exponentially since its inception in India in 2013.

Carried-out using various chemicals and equipment, companies often depend on conventional processes such as penetrant and magnetic particle testing in order to quickly & precisely detect micro cracks in critical components. Unfortunately, most chemicals used in such methods are highly flammable with flash points as low as -97 degree Celsius. “Clients often face difficulties while transporting these chemicals from one location to another or while carrying them offshore, or while storing them in places where temperatures in summer can rise much above 50 degree Celsius,” explains Ajay Kanodia, Director, MR Chemie India
Pvt. Ltd.,a manufacturer and supplier of media and equipment used for crack detection in NDT. Having identified the various challenges faced by the entire industry, MR Chemie developed a special product line ‘ECO-LINE’, which is made with compressed air and has no flammable hazard.

MR Chemie has developed various non flammable solutions to ensure maximum safety while storing, transporting and applying chemicals for various testing purposes

Product ECO-LINE
Keeping in mind the various hazards while performing confined area inspections, MR Chemie has developed various non-flammable solutions to ensure maximum safety while storing, transporting and applying chemicals for various testing purposes. This entirely eliminates the risk of any fire hazard, which has often led to loss of lives in the past.

Marketed under the brand name MR ECO-LINE, MR Chemie’s flagship product is biodegrad able, provides maximum test reliability and is solvent & hazard free in every way. Available in various delivery forms, be it bulk, non-flammable aerosols using compressed air, penetrant foams or piccolo pens, the firm ensures that every need of the client is met. “Most chemicals require treatment and special disposal methods owing to their acute toxic and highly flammable nature. Frequently, disposal costs in some countries outweigh the costs of the products itself,” explains Kanodia. To counter this, MR Chemie’s ECOLINE series are made
biodegradable and thus incur minimal disposal costs, thereby improving overall affordability and bottom-line for our clients.

Ensuring Flexibility & Reliability
With the increasing pressure of cost optimisation, most customers find it challenging to maintain their consistency and sustainability. Privy to its clients’ challenges, MR Chemie ensures maximum value for its client’s investments by rendering tailor-made solutions to help clients control their costs while significantly increasing their efficiency and productivity.

Following every guideline set by ECHA, the firm is fully REACh Compliant and thus maintains high standards of quality, consistency and focuses on environment safety. Recently, MR Chemie also enlisted itself in QPL as an approved aerospace supplier to the U.S. Defence and commercial aviation sector worldwide. With a diverse and talented team of experts on board, MR Chemie India works with clients from various industry verticals such as automotive, aerospace, nuclear, oil & gas, defence, general engineering, pharmaceuticals and forensics, among others.

Conducting a host of in-house training programs and contributing actively in various national and international NDT conferences keeps the MR Chemie team ahead of the curve. The firm has recently launched a first-of-its kind FDA approved testing media for dye penetrant testing for the rapidly growing consumer industry, which will ensure an added level of safety for all pharmaceutical and F&B clientele. Looking to achieve maximum global outreach and serviceability to its clients, MR Chemie India is now in the process of a major expansion of its facilities. Steadily growing at a healthy growth rate, the firm is growing locally and expanding globally.