Mouser Electronics: Delivering Authentic Electronic Components Engaging Anti-CounterfeitStrategies

Glenn Smith,CEO & President

Glenn Smith

CEO & President

Driven by the increasing indispensability of electronics in the modern life, the global market for electronic components is projected to reach $91.8 billion by 2022. However, in recent years the electronics component industry has seen a rise of counterfeit components penetrating the supply chain. In such a scenario of bulging ersatz equipments, US-based Mouser Electronics ensures the worldwide delivery of authorized genuine components directly from the original manufacturers through authenticate channels by adopting Anti-Counterfeit Policy. As a one-stop shop for semiconductor, electronic components and associated development tools for total project design, Mouser Electronics (est. 1964) swift searches over 10 million products to locate over four million available parts for easy online purchase andships access to millions of products from over 700 top global brands. Along with the widest range of the newest semiconductors and electronic component products, it enables design engineers to realize their latest design projects from anywhere in the world.

Domain Functionalities
Besides millions of downloadable data sheets, application notes, and technical design information for
research & engineering tools to speed design development alongside 17 language choices and validity of 27 different international currencies, the site also features numerous user-friendly tools, such as EZ buy, project manager with automatic re-order, BOM import capabilities, search accelerator and other time-saving services simplifying the ordering process. Mouser’s success is based on a fundamental commitment to design engineer and purchasing community by procuring the inventory, the logistics and the fidelity to provide services that exceeds customers’ expectations. Whether be it supplying largest number of parts types compared with competitors in the industry, or be it stocking the latest semiconductors & electronic components than its peers, Mouser’s warehouse is fully operational with nearly million distinct parts in stock and available to buy.

Mouser’s success is based on a fundamental commitment to design engineer and purchasing community by procuring the inventory, the logistics and the fidelity to provide services that exceeds customers’ expectations

Mouser stations itself as not just a seasoned proprietor but also blueprints an entire design ecosystem -tools, dev kits, modules, OS and many more. “We strive to understand what else the design community really wants and needs from distribution, and we have come
to the conclusion that the best role we can play is that of a knowledge provider,” asserts Glenn Smith, President & CEO, Mouser Electronics. One of the best places to start is the Applications & Technologies section of its site where the resource is constantly increasing, both in terms of the number of different topics that it includes and also the breadth and variety of content which it contains. So, at the outset one will be asked to select from one of 11 applications (Audio, Automotive, Broadcast, Communications, Computing, Industrial, Instrumentation, Lighting, Medical, Motor Control & Security) or 24 different technologies, which includes hot topics such as Energy Harvesting, IoT, Low Power, Robotics, Sensors and USB 3.0. As an AS9100C, IESA and ECIA certified distributor earning the industry’s top standard for quality control and assurance on orders’ traceability, Mouser holds its mast as an active contributing member of the SAE G-19 Counterfeit Electronic Parts Committee that works to set standards for the industry.

Innovation & Beyond
With its customer service excellence, order accuracy and on-time delivery, Mouser features/highlights new advancement in technology projects ranging from bringing superhero technology to life to 3D printing a semi-autonomous car with drone technology via ‘Mouser’s Empowering Innovation Together program’. With revenue over $1.3 billion in the last fiscal, the firm continues to focus on its strength, which includes adding new manufacturers with the continuous invest in the latest technology like (IoT, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality) into its line card and introducing the newest products from its leading manufacturers to the customers worldwide.