MotorZo: From Prologue to Epilogue, Every thing about Car Service

George Varghese, CEOMajority of the online car service providers focus solely on niche offering that neglects the overall upkeep of the vehicle. This creates a vacuum for a one-stop car servicing solution that ultimately leads to approaching several other niche service providers and a waste of customer’s time and money. Realizing the dearth of such a provision, Bangalore-based MotorZo with its highly specialised team, was incepted with the sole aim of being a one point destination (a 360° car service provider) for all the car servicing and repair requirements. While almost every player is entering this market in beta mode with no inclination for technical advancements, MotorZo is one step ahead and investing in AI learning & analytics that will be able to predict the future requirement of the car, enabling preparedness. “We want to be that innovative car service provider that will beforehand zero in on the vehicles’ requirements and offer exclusive services using AI,” states George Varghese, CEO, MotorZo.

We want to be that innovative car service provider that will beforehand zero in on the vehicles' requirements and offer exclusive services using AI

Forgo the Hassles
Purchasing a car comes with its set of perquisites such as periodic maintenance services mandated by the manufacturer. Users can now take care of such periodic and immediate services, like repair & fixes, thanks to MotorZo’s service partners across the city that matches the performance of any reputed OEMs for any brands in any city, but at a much lesser price! For the contemporary customer, the company’s Rapid Repair patches up the vehicle as good as new on the same day. George adds, “If the client's demands and same day repair service complement each other, our partners across the city take up the tasks and execute them in a fast turnaround time”. Its tie ups with some of the best players in the industries like Waxoyl (MotorZo is the only Indian partner of this Swiss organisation) stand as a testament of its exemplary services. Through its distributive line Opulent Car Care, MotorZo offers 21 different waxoyl products on its platform. Additionally, the company is in talks with various global paint
companies and insurance companies for a successful partnership.

Inspired from the exotic car salons, today's end consumer expects and demands an end-to-end buffing up of his /her car. MotorZo's various value added and vanilla services like diesel engine cleaning, exterior cleaning, one step polish, wind shield protection and many more,are the perfect fit for such demands. Its Air Care service predicts and fulfils future requirements for the AC, specifically. It abides by the philosophy of 'Prevention is better than Cure’ and hence, essentially focuses on preventive maintenance rather than repair before going forward.

MotorZo essentially ensures that it follows a vendor methodology to expand the brand multi-fold. Currently the company has 20 vendors on board after meticulous scrutiny, while its employees are hired post stringent HR procedure whose feedback are playing an important role in pivoting the company's services accordingly. Engaged in building a revenue model largely based on transaction (10-20 percent of the bottom line), the company believes that going forward,AI, branding, getting into verticals like insurance and others would help boost the revenue further. MotorZo is also looking at expanding its base to Delhi and other South Indian cities like Hyderabad, Chennai and Cochin, while gaining more international partners and creating a hotline for better customer service.