Moppet Animation Studio: Delivering Unique Animation Services via NextGen Technologies

Ruturaj Arolkar,FounderThe world of animation has largely moved its focus from the traditional hand-drawn animation drawings to hands-on stop motion animation to computer assisted 3D animation. The modern revival of animation has propelled a trend of creating film & television content using stop motion, and mastering this art is Moppet Animation Studio which stands tall as the only Indian studio to work on this hands-on medium by employing nonpareil skills developed over a period of time as part of its erstwhile institute, since the same is not part of the current Indian Art curriculum. Established in 2014, Moppet has carved out a niche for itself in the animation industry by providing end-to-end bespoke solutions across various industries, such as entertainment, retail, automobile, education, and tourism to name a few. “We are a fully-equipped studio offering customized solutions that drive production and hence do not believe in a single defined approach. Be it Art or Technology required to create an experience, we design, produce and implement all of it in-house,” asserts Ruturaj Arolkar, Founder, Moppet Animation Studio.

Since its existence, Moppet has created a talent pool of experts in various facets of Animation & Art. This has helped the company to be the only Indian studio to deliver 2-Stop motion animation seasons for a Canadian TV production house. Moppet crafts everything, from using materials like silicon, plastic, rubber, resin and foam for molding characters and casting props, to building miniature film sets in its studio at Goa.

The company empowers its clients by providing customized technology solutions, developing original content and combines it with emerging global trends using Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality platforms. This end-to-end solution providing creative technology studio(amalgamating
computing, design, art and humanities) has executed some of industry/country’s first projects in the animation space, which further aid brands to create a unique value proposition for themselves. Boasting immense exposure across various platforms, Moppet has employed an amorphous production pipeline,designed around the core technologies accommodating different mediums.

Quick turnaround projects that require unique solutions has facilitated Moppet to cement its reputation as a creative tech-savvy studio

The company has designed and is in the process of implementing India’s first virtual reality roller coaster experience for a leading theme park in India. The studio has customized all elements of the solution starting from wearable headgears, content to technology for this ride. Likewise, it has designed and implemented a game play for Maruti NEXA’s Ignis Launch campaign at 6 locations across the country, where it leveraged a sensor based technology to make their test drive experience more engaging and fun. The video post on social media has garnered over one million YouTube views within a week of its posting. Though Moppet is engaged in long-term projects, these quick turnaround projects that require unique solutions has facilitated Moppet to cement its reputation as a creative tech-savvy studio that has accelerated revenue growth and helped lock projects that many are not pitching for.

Moppet considers its flexibility, ease to customization, quality, unique approaches and quick turnaround time as its greatest strengths. Having a strong art background empowers the company to deliver high quality visuals. Every project helps Moppet build on its proprietary tools, a requisite for adapting off the shelf solutions, to meet unique client requirements and accelerate the delivery process. The designing stage at Moppet is of paramount importance and hence the company invests a lot of time and resources into research & development to facilitate clients with pilots and prototypes. This close engagement at every step of the production & development
process helps it in meeting and in most cases delivering beyond the clients’ expectations with ease.

Delighting Customers
Moppet’s team is young and comes from diverse industry backgrounds with an average experience of over 15 years. Understanding the difference a collective brain can make, the studio encourages every individual fitting the creative profile to pitch in their ideas and narrows it down to give clients’ a fresh perspective. During each production cycle, at least one expert is trained on different emerging technologies who further educates other team members to prepare them for the next pitch. Moreover, the company’s wonderful location, GOA inspires the team to unleash, unwind and think out-of-the-box. “At Moppet, every project is chosen on two merits, one is the challenge that a project presents to push our expert’s creative & intellectual boundaries, and the second is the development & progress of the technology pipeline,” avers Ruturaj.

An applauded company for Animation and creating its presence in the AR, VR and interactive technology space since 2014, Moppet foresaw the increasing inclination of people towards personalized experiences and has been providing clients’ with Next Gen solutions . “Animation complementing the growth and change in technology is the way forward for us and our main objective is to remain as an innovative company that uses art and technology to bring imagination to life,” concludes Ruturaj.

Key Management
Ruturaj Arolkar, Founder
Ruturaj is a qualified TechnoArt graduate ( BE Mechanical Engineering & BFA ) with over 20 years of animation production experience at artist and management levels. His immense experience in the industry and accolades earned, empowers Moppet to become one of the leading animation service providers in the world.

Office: Goa

Offering: STOPMOTION, Pre Production Design, 3D Animation, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Maquette Making, Visual Effects, 2D Flash Animation, and Mix Media

Verticals: Entertainment, Retail, Automobile, Education, and Tourism, to name a few