Monamit Technology: Assures Application Delivery to Modern Work Environment

Amitabh Mukherjee,MD & CEOThe technology advancements are happening with a pace as the demands in the market are in-creasing. This is helping many companies in developing their workspace. In different sectors there is a significant in-crease in the growth rate for the desktop blended with financial services. Having recognized as a specialist in Virtualization Technology, Monamit Technology has been working exclusively in providing end-user computing services for both the private and public sectors.

Established in 2017, Monamit Technology is the brainchild of Amitabh Mukherjee, who has ample knowledge and experience working in prestigious companies like HP, DELL at very senior leadership roles across India for more than 17 years. Amitabh Mukherjee, MD & CEO, Monamit Technology says, "For IT departments balancing the employees across diverse functions in a social channel and cloud environment without increasing complexity and management overhead is a mammoth task.

Doing the right choice of technology, licensing considerations, codes of application, and added the convolution of handling a wholly new application delivery chain with limited in-house scale is a very daunting task to end up with. But at times, the end-user computing system leaves users frustrated and unhappy due to inability to completely with the existing application and Infrastructure.

Such things will lead to frequent business interruption, inability to scale as per business
needs, excessive upgrade and maintenance cost resulting in higher cost of ownership. At Monamit Technology we address these gaps and help the companies with their respective requirements".

Monamit Technology offers a wide range of virtual desktop infrastructure services and their flagship service is application virtualization. Adding to this they provide services like IT Consulting, IT Implementation & Support, IT Hardware, IT Software Solutions, Cloud Computing Solutions, Cyber Security, Virtual Desktops, Network Virtualization, Hyper-Converged Infrastructure and many more. All these solutions can be provided with CAPEX & OPEX buying model in collaboration with HP Financial Service. Also, the company has premier partnership with various esteemed companies such as HP, Apple, Citrix, Microsoft, SonicWall, IBM, Cisco, Tata Teleservices and many more on the list. Also are partnered with the end-users virtualized computing vendors like VMware and cloud infrastructure providers namely, AWS & Microsoft Azure.

Monamit Technology offers a wide range of virtual desktop infrastructure services and their flagship service is application virtualization

The major factor that differentiates Monamit Technology from its competitors in this industry is they provide end to end management of new generation end-user computing environment with an oxidative laser-sharp focus on End User Productivity using a combination of the most suit-able virtualization technology. Have been hosting shared desktops, virtual desktop and application virtualization, depending on the desired IP architecture, along with their proprietary smart monitoring platform and, mapping in real time visibility across the entire IP movement. And with their SLA application performance at the end user level, Monamit Technology assures application delivery to the modern work environment. That needs to enable mobility to support a geo-graphically distributed workforce.

Further, Amitabh adds, "We are present PAN India with offices in Hyderabad, Pune and Bangalore. We have users across various countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Dubai, US, Canada and Australia. All these users are con-figured and managed directly by us with our technology. Adding more about Monamit's growth, we have grown exponentially well every year. This is our fourth year and we are exponentially growing at just above 200 percent revenue year on year. Also today, Monamit is proud to associate with more than 300 enterprise clients cut across all verticals worldwide."

The organization has a strong client base with companies like OnePlus, Radio City, Berkadia, Invesco, J2 Global Inc, NCL group of Companies, Call Heath, Dodla Dairy, Apollo hospitals and more.