Mobiikey: Keyless Revolution for Shared Mobility

Ravichandra Reddy                         ,Co-Founder & CEO
Team Mobiikey Technologies

The automotive fleet industry is going through a rapid evolution, and is under pressure to establish new business models, driven by connected vehicle technology. By what it looks like, shared mobility is the driving principle in the changing landscape. Replacing the physical vehicle keys with digital keys held on the driver’s smartphone, which the fleet manager can issue via a secure cloud portal – is an attractive proposition, but any such solution, needs to have the flexibility to cater to multiple users across multiple vehicles.

Bengaluru based Mobiikey Technologies is providing a keyless mobile access and authenticated start platform for car rental companies. The platform includes Embedded BLE hardware, Embedded Software, Android and iOS app SDKs, REST APIs, Cryptography Services. The highly secured access is provided to customers on their mobile using digitally signed access tokens designed based on public key cryptography. The 3 stage, rigorous access process includes digital signature, 3 tier encryptions and 20+ checks before access is granted. The proprietary last mile access protocol "mobiikey secured access protocol (MSAP)" ensures that every access is dynamic even for an offline and repeat access.

Mobiikey's multi technology platform will significantly help car rental companies to provide unmanned, 24x7, keyless access to vehicles directly on customer mobile when the vehicle is rented. Globally car rental or sharing market is growing exponentially with various sharing models including peer to peer sharing. In all the business models, handing
the keys to customer is major challenge. Such models require too much manpower, restricted locations and restricted timings of operations. With Mobiikey keyless access platform, every rental and sharing company can provide access to customers directly on their mobile 24x7. Mobiikey will easily integrate with the car rental/ sharing apps without disrupting their business. Mobiikey’s OEM quality hardware can be installed in vehicles in less than 30 minutes.

With Mobiikey keyless access platform, every rental and sharing company can provide access to customers directly on their mobile 24x7

Mobiikey predominantly focuses on smart and shared mobility space with specific solutions for car sharing and scooter sharing market. With Mobiikey being the only company from India providing exclusive keyless access platform for car rental fleet, the company has received good feedback and traction. “We have already signed up with major self-driving rental company in India for equipping their fleet with Mobiikey keyless access solution”, informs Ravichandra Reddy, Co-Founder & CEO at Mobiikey Technologies.

Addressing the security concerns over this new tech, Ravichandra explains that in both, scooter and car sharing tech, the vehicle is immobilized and is not allowed to start even with the key, unless the vehicle is authenticated via the mobile. Also, the access token is timed, which implies, once the booking time expires, vehicle is immobilized and will not start once stopped. As far as digital security is concerned, this is one of the best engineered security platforms so far. It is designed using offline authentication principles based on PKI and using proper threat modelling.

Mobiikey is now ready to deploy first of its kind innovative two-wheeler sharing solution. This is the only solution in the world which does not disrupt the vehicle mechanically and provides tagging for key and 2 helmets. Mobiikey is also buckled up to work on OEM integrated access solution. In addition to providing keyless access platform for 4W and 2W rental companies, Mobiikey is also soon launching driver sharing platform with telematics for fleet vehicles.

Mobiikey is expecting to deploy its technology in 5k four wheelers and 10k two wheelers within this financial year. Globally, Mobiikey will target to reach 500,000 vehicles(2-wheelers and 4-wheelers) in the next 5 years, resulting in USD 21M+ revenue. With its constant endeavour to innovate, Mobiikey has applied for 5 patents and is continuously working to innovate new products and solutions.