MNC 5D BIM STUDIO: Re-Imagine Construction with Innovation & Change

Reema Parikh & Pranav Parikh,Co-FoundersThe leader who invests in technology is investing in the future of his company! A fine example of such a leader who is striving to transcend the ordinaries of the BIM industry with the benefits of technology is Pranav Parikh. From heading the quality control department in Precast Factory in the USA to leading various renowned Indian companies and their teams, Pranav has gained vast experience of over 14 years in the industry. With sheer passion, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey and conceptualized the MNC 5D BIM STUDIO in 2018.

Under his aegis, the company has proven to be the best in Innovation & Uniqueness. And, it is the only startup featured with a customer success story by Autodesk among the giants like Tata Projects, Bangalore Airport, Titan Automation, and more.

The Key Offerings
The company focused on creating a BIM team with vast on-ground construction execution experience to bring it into the modeling practices. It counts on services such as core modeling where client drawings are taken and converted to 3D and provides consultancy to implement BIM as an inherent process. Despite India being a BIM outsourcing hub, MNC 5D has taken the decision to cater and add value to Indian clients. While most other BIM consultancies in India work mainly in 3D BIM, this
technology-focused start-up works in 3D, 4D, and 5D to stay one step ahead in the value chain. "Currently, 4D/5D penetration is skin-deep in India. In a couple of years, this will be a game-changer. We also provide BIM implementation services for Document Management and digitization of workflows in Design Management, Field Management, and Project Management. Wider adoption of document management systems is being predicted for efficient digital transformation in the construction sector," says Pranav Parikh, Founder & CEO.

Beyond the Usual
From the very first day, MNC 5D is being a technology-driven consultant trying to bring value addition to the clients. The startup catered to 3M+ Sqft projects in the first year itself. The company continuously keeps track of the latest Release Notes of OEMs and updates the internal workflow with the latest offerings. "We also encourage our employees to continuously learn tips and tricks or best practices, guidelines from industry experts and influencers," mentions Reema Parikh, Co-Founder.

Having perfection as the core philosophy, MNC 5D saves time & money for clients and makes life better for all stakeholders

By implementing integrated cost/time focused workflows to BIM practices at the pre-construction stage, the company saves time and money for clients during the execution stage. The core of MNC 5D is to make life better by perfecting the art of construction from design to execution. As a leading organization, it settles for nothing less than perfection ­ no matter what the cost or time consumed. With this as a central philosophy, the company is disrupting the industry and making life safer, secure, and better for all stakeholders in the building life cycle.

Based out of Kolkata, the brand has expanded operations in key cities such as Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, and Raipur while in South India it is still on the verge of expanding. "We now focus on scaling our client base of group companies to the world map. Our clientele includes real estate development projects like residential townships, office, shopping malls, mixed-use developments," Pranav informs.

He further adds, "Due to Covid, we have seen an increase in inquiries and corresponding closure as the Indian Real Estate companies are ready to shift to digital working processes. With the momentum on adoption and continuing trend, we are foreseeing to increase our revenue by 30-40 percent Y-o-Y."